Wolf Van Halen Imagines Hilarious Invention That Will Make World ‘Better Place’

by Matthew Memrick

The imaginative Wolf Van Halen has come up with a funny invention that will make the world a “better place.”

The Mammoth WVH singer-guitarist’s hilarious invention? A Do Not Disturb sign that doesn’t fall off the door.

Oh, Wolf, that’s pretty good. It combines the need for a sign that doesn’t fall off to keep the room’s occupants happy and not disturbed.

Fans offered their advice to the singer, who has had his fair share of Van Halen song suggestions lately.

One Twitter user said, “Tell your tour manager to tell the hotel that your room gets no service until 2 pm.” 

Good thought unless you know how to stop the random kid walking down the hallway knocking on each door mid-morning.

Mammoth WVH played in Minneapolis last week at the 93X Family Reunion and could be staying at an area hotel until the next nearby gig. The band will perform on Tuesday in St. Paul, Minn.

The Singer’s Jokes Taken Seriously

In another post last week, Wolf Van Halen posted a cool-looking photo of himself rocking out during a song at a concert.

He joked about getting hit by a frying pan during a concert, and, you guessed it, folks thought the singer got hit for reals.

“I can’t believe people seriously think I got hit with a frying pan lol it’s just a hair flip you guys,” the singer Tweeted on Sept. 18.

Come on, Wolf. You know there’s not much room for sarcasm or jokes anymore on social media. 

On Tour With Guns’ N Roses

Last week’s Wrigley Field tour stop got decent marks for the 80s band Guns N Roses. Mammoth WVH received praise too.

The Chicago Sun-Times said the opening act was “a perfect juxtaposition to the later classic rock onslaught, and those who got to Wrigley Field early to experience the set are likely talking as much about them post-show.”

The reviewer was quite impressed with Wolf Van Halen’s frontstage presence and worked to “forge his own sound as a musician.”

 Noting the buzz from the band’s first single, “Distance,” the reviewer went on to say it was the most memorable of the band’s set. She called it an “incredible tribute” that reached out to “anyone who has suffered a great loss.”

It notably was a welcomed memorial to Wolf’s father, Eddie Van Halen, she said.

Additionally, the band also got nice praise for its modern rock songs that surrounded Wolf’s clean vocals. 

The Mammoth WVH concert left the impression that the reviewer. She felt more good things were in store for the band’s future.

After Tuesday, Wolf and the guys head to Columbus, Ohio (Thursday) and Baltimore, Md. (Sunday). On Sept. 29, the band heads south to Raleigh, N.C.