Wolf Van Halen Jams with Guns N’ Roses, Reflects on Tour in New Photos

by Jonathan Howard

Over the last few months, Wolf Van Halen has been opening for Guns N’ Roses, now the tour is over, he has some thoughts. While most of the young Van Halen’s time on Twitter is spent fighting trolls, he got sincere in his latest post.

Wolf Van Halen is no stranger to working with GNR. He has such great experience at such a young age. The photos he shared were great. He thanked the legendary rock band for letting him come along. Also, WVH rocked the stage the last two nights of the tour with Axl Rose and company.

It looked like a great time on stage. Getting to join up with a band like Guns N’ Roses on tour has to be so much fun. Getting to join the stage with them and play one of their most popular songs alongside them has to be really fun.

It looks like Wolf Van Halen has let his hair grow out a little. It is about shoulder length now. The tour closed down after a run throughout the summer and the beginning of fall. WVH was very thankful for the experience

“It’s been an incredible honor opening for @gunsnroses these last few months. Thanks so much to the entire GnR crew for this amazing opportunity and [for] treating us like family. Truly an unforgettable experience,” he said in his tweet.

It’s so nice to see a post like this from Wolf. Usually, he is having to beat the trolls off with a stick and of course, his quick wit. There are so many “fans” that message him asking why he doesn’t do this or that. Van Halen ain’t having it.

Wolf Van Halen Sends Kind Words to David Lee Roth

If you haven’t seen the news, David Lee Roth is retiring. He will no longer tour and perform as he has for the last 40-50 years. It is the end of an era for the former Van Halen frontman.

Of course, Wolf Van Halen has a good relationship with the retired singer. So, it makes sense he would send a kind message to celebrate his friend’s retirement.

“One hell of a run, Dave,” he said on Instagram. While on Twitter he said, “Thankful and proud to be a small part of your amazing journey.” Of course, David Lee Roth brought the band, Van Halen, a number of great years as their lead singer. While they have had others, Sammy Hagar and Roth are the definitive two singers for the band.

Wolf Van Halen played for many years with Van Halen. From a young age, as a teenager, Wolf rocked out on stage with the likes of Roth and his late father, Eddie Van Halen. Now, with his own career and trajectory, he is touring with the likes of GNR and bringing great music to fans.