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Wolf Van Halen Lashes Out at Critics Who Say He Shouldn’t Use Own Last Name

by Anna Dunn
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 19: Edward Van Halen shares a high five with his son Wolfgang Van Halen during Music Midtown at Piedmont Park on September 19, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Chris McKay/Getty Images for Live Nation)

Wolfgang Van Halen is firing back at Twitter critics. Van Halen is the leader of the band “Mammoth WVH,” who released their debut album in June. He recently posted a thank you message to all the friends who helped the band with the album. Mammoth WVH has released original songs, which to some fans, is a problem.

They also toured with Guns N’ Roses as their opening act. Their success hasn’t stopped Twitter critics, however, from pointing out that he should play more of his dad’s songs or drop the name entirely.

Wolfgang is the son of the legendary Eddie Van Halen. However, he’s not going to let anyone tell him to change his name. How many song covers you do shouldn’t determine whether or not you can use your own name after all.

In a since-deleted Tweet, one Twitter user asked Wolfgang, “Why after all your resistance against Van Halen fans did you decide to add WVH to your band name? Honest question.” Needless to say, Wolfgang did not take kindly to this.

“Last I checked, it was my f-ing name,” he responded. He added in a Twitter thread that Social media interactions like this are aggravating for him. From his perspective, people pull random things out of context to twist a story about him.

“It’s this dumb sh-t where people pull things out of context and boil sh-t down in dumb ways so they can be mad at me that pisses me off,” he continued.

Wolfgang Van Halen went More in Depth about his ‘Feud’ With Van Halen Fans

After the initial tweets, Wolfgang Van Halen had a bit more to say on the situation and his alleged beef with fans of his father .

“I’ve never had resistance against VH fans. All I’ve ever said is: 1.) You’ll never hear VH at a Mammoth show 2.) I’ll never “replace” my father in VH and continue the band. But y’all just keep finding new reasons to hate me daily. It’s f—ing exhausting.”

Many people in the replies were there for Wolfgang, who expressed frustration with the way people act on the internet and the entitlement people feel to hear Wolfgang play his father’s songs.

This wasn’t the first time Wolfgang Van Halen clapped back at a Twitter user that night. He responded to a fan saying he should perform with his father’s former fanbase so that fans could get closure by saying he had to deal with losing a father, so people can handle not seeing the band play again.

Wolfgang has made it clear that he has love and respect for his father, but he’s his own man with his own musical ambitions that’ll be separate from him. They may have the same name, but that does not make the two artists the same person.