Wolf Van Halen Looks Back on Last Show He Ever Did With His Dad

by Madison Miller

Right now, Wolf Van Halen has been rocking out in live shows and releasing his first solo album as Mammoth WVH.

He has been touring alongside Guns N’ Roses all around the country playing some of his brand new hits like “Don’t Back Down,” “Epiphany,” and “Distance.” All of his songs on the album are recorded with Wolf Van Halen as a one-man band. In addition to the stellar vocals, he’s also playing all the instruments.

His band has seen massive success so far. However, before he was Mammoth WVH, Wolf was playing alongside his greatest hero, his father, Eddie Van Halen.

Eddie Van Halen was the notorious songwriter and guitarist behind the American rock band Van Halen that was founded back in 1972. The band had a lot of its members leave and return or be replaced over the years. In 2006, Wolfgang Van Halen replaced Michael Anthony on bass.

In 2012, the band released the very last studio album as Van Halen called “A Different Kind of Truth.” It was the only album of Van Halen’s to feature Wolf on it.

Wolf Van Halen Last Performance with Father

Eddie Van Halen had been fighting a battle against cancer since 2001. He, unfortunately, passed away on October 6, 2020. Wolf Van Halen then announced that the band had disbanded for good following his dad’s death.

Now, Wolf is looking back at these years playing alongside his dad. He wrote on Twitter, “6 years ago tonight, Van Halen played the Hollywood Bowl. It was the last show we ever did, and it was the last show I ever played with my Dad. I’ll never forget it.”

Wolf Van Halen’s fans on Twitter also affectionately responded to the intimate photo. One person wrote, “Nor should you. I read an interview with your dad. He was asked what musician he wished he could jam with and chose your grandfather. Keep it in the family kid.”

Since his father’s death, Wolf has been incredibly open about his father’s impact on him and his music. He has since said that he hopes his music would make his father proud.

Before Eddie Van Halen passed away, however, he did get a chance to listen to Wolf’s solo career music. He played him the song “Distance,” which is a tribute to his dad. He wrote it well before he passed away though.

“I remember when I showed it to dad for the first time, maybe it was out of pride or also just the song in general, he cried when he heard it. I don’t think he was aware of the significance of it for me – he just understood it as a song about loss,” Wolf Van Halen said, according to Guitar World.

In addition to his tribute song, Wolf has been standing up for his dad and talking about his legacy constantly on his Twitter account. That includes firing back at online haters that criticize his current music or anything else about his life.