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Wolf Van Halen’s Mother Valerie Bertinelli Slams Critics of Her Weight in Tearful Video

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images)

Valerie Bertinelli, actress and mother of musician Wolf Van Halen, took to her Instagram on Thursday (July 8th) to address the criticism about her weight. 

“Aren’t we tired of body shaming yet?!” Valerie, under her user name Wolfiesmom, begins the post. Bertinelli then says that she was going to delete her stories because it’s a little embarrassing and scary to be so vulnerable. “But then I realize it was hitting it a ‘good’ nerve with so many of you who were so sweet to [direct message] and share your same vulnerability and struggles.”

The late Eddie Van Halen’s ex-wife then says everyone could use a little more kindness, as well as patience and grace. “Because we just never know what someone else is going through. So here it is. Not deleting. Owning it. #compassion.”

Bertinelli received various support from fans in her posts, including Haylie Duff who wrote, “You are gorgeous and glorious! An Inspiration to women everywhere!” 

Valerie Bertinelli Talks Weight Loss Pressures

Valerie spoke to Today last year about the lifelong pressures to lose weight. “The very first time I became really aware of my body, I remember my fifth-grade teacher patting me on the belly and said, ‘You might want to keep an eye on that,” she remembers. Bertinelli then spent years obsessing about her weight. “Now I can be angry for that little girl. It feels like so much time wasted.”

Also speaking about her role on One Day at a Time, Bertinelli states she used to look back at pictures and even in the first season and felt big next to her co-star, Mackenzie Phillips. “I wasn’t [big],” she says. “I was 15 years old. But I was made to feel like I could stand to lose a few [pounds]. Like, ‘Let’s see if we can get you into a small size.”

Bertinelli, who is a former Jenny Craig spokeswoman, then admits that she spent 20 years trying to lose the same 20 pounds. She won’t even weigh herself as much anymore and will put on some jeans once in a while to see how they feel.

Valerie then adds that she is inspired by Lizzo and Ashley Graham for their body positivity. “It would have been nice to have had [role models] like that when I was growing up to look up to. It doesn’t matter what size they are. They glow from within.”

Valerie previously discussed her struggles with weight loss in her autobiography Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time and her follow-up book Finding It: And Satisfying My Hunger For Life Without Opening the Fridge. Along with eating healthier, Valeria began running and even participated in the 2010 Boston Marathon. She finished the race at 5:14:37.