Wolf Van Halen Prepares for Another Night of Tour After Firing Back at Fans

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday evening, Wolfgang Van Halen geared up for his opening gig with Guns N’ Roses tonight following his recent back and forth with fans on Twitter.

Guitar icon Eddie Van Halen’s son shared a photo of himself on stage from his band’s tour. Guns N’ Roses handpicked Wolf’s band Mammoth WVH to be the openers on their summer tour this year. Wolf has talked about how huge of an honor it is to play before Axl Rose, Slash, and the rest of the legendary rock band take the stage to headline each show.

Tonight, the two bands roll into San Jose, California for another gig. Wolf Van Halen seemed in a good mood and looking forward to playing for his fans tonight. Considering Wolfgang’s recent spat with fans on social media, it’s good to see him looking forward to playing his original music tonight.

Wolf Van Halen Unleashes on Fans Who Want Him to Play His Late Father’s Music

Earlier this week, Wolf slammed fans who continue to ask him to play Van Halen covers at his concerts. There’s millions of Van Halen fans out there that miss his father, but Wolfgang is his own man these days.

It’s ironic that the 30-year-old musician has had so many critics accuse him of riding his dad’s coattails. He joined Eddie’s famous band at just 15 years old and toured all over as Van Halen’s bassist. Now, Wolf has branched out and released his own debut solo album. Additionally, he wrote every song himself and played every instrument on the Mammoth WVH album. Yet now he’s getting criticized for NOT playing Van Halen songs. Sometimes you just can’t win.

Wolf shared a screenshot of a Facebook conversation between him and a fan. Although the fan complimented his music, he also thought it was time to “honor” Eddie by playing some of his dad’s music. Wolf wholeheartedly disagreed. He let it be known that fans shouldn’t expect to hear any of Van Halen’s hits like “Panama” anytime soon at one of Mammoth WVH’s shows.

However, Wolf wasn’t done just yet. He continued on with his rebuttal with a few extra tweets. Wolfgang joked that instead of playing his dad’s version of “Dancing In The Street,” he’d mess with fans and play David Bowie and Mick Jagger‘s version. He then shared a perfect example of the ironic nature of fans’ commentary about his music career.

“*Plays in band with Dad* ‘That spoiled brat is just riding his daddy’s coattails,'” he wrote.

“*Plays in own band without covering VH* ‘Yo, why isn’t he riding his daddy’s coattails??'” Wolf added about the ironic dilemma.

It must be rough being Wolf Van Halen some days. Seems like a lose-lose situation with his dad’s fans most of the time.