Wolf Van Halen Remembers Late Rocker Dad Eddie in Heart-Wrenching Tribute on Anniversary of His Death

by Keeli Parkey

Today (Wednesday, Oct. 6), marks the one-year anniversary of the death of rock star Eddie Van Halen. The Van Halen founder passed away after suffering a stroke and battling cancer. He was 65 years old at the time of his death.

It goes without saying that the late rock star is remembered by fans from across the globe for his talents and his work with the beloved band. On the anniversary of his death, one person who knew him very well is paying tribute to him. That person is his son, Wolf Van Halen.

The 30-year-old Wolf, who is also the son of actress Valerie Bertinelli, shared his thoughts about his late father with a heart-wrenching social media post on Wednesday. It is clear from his post that he still misses his famous father.

“One year. You fought so hard for so long, but you were still taken away. It’s just so unfair,” Wolf Van Halen began his post.

Wolf Van Halen Shared that He Missies His Father Eddie Van Halen ‘So Much It Hurts’

The loss of someone close to us leaves a void in our lives. And like most people who have lost someone close to them, Wolf also wishes he could share more with his late father. And, unsurprisingly, he really misses his father.

“I’m not ok. I don’t think I’ll ever be ok. There’s so much I wish I could show you. So many things I wish I could share with you. I wish I could laugh with you again. … wish I could hug you again. I miss you so much it hurts,” Wolf also shared.

The young rock star also expressed that he misses the guidance his father provided during his life. “I’m trying to do my best here without you, but it’s really f*****g hard. I hope you’re still proud,” Wolf Van Halen also said.

He then closed his Instagram post with some words that will really tug at your heart. It’s a feeling that you will know very well if you have ever lost someone who meant so much to you. “I love you with all of my heart, Pop. Watch over me,” he concluded.

In addition to his comments about his late father, Wolf Van Halen also shared a very touching photo of him with his famous father. In the photo, Eddie Van Halen is affectionately smiling at a younger Wolf. It’s obvious that he was very proud of his son. Both are holding guitars and are clearly enjoying their special moment together. You check out the touching moment below.

Wolf Van Halen also remembered Eddie Van Halen with another social media post on Tuesday, Oct. 5. In this post, he looked back on the last show he played with his father and Van Halen.

Taking to Twitter, he shared: “6 years ago tonight, Van Halen played the Hollywood Bowl. It was the last show we ever did, and it was the last show I ever played with my Dad. I’ll never forget it.”