Wolf Van Halen Reveals If There Will Be Van Halen Reunion

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Van Halen played their last show together in 2015. Wolf Van Halen had the chance to join his dad, uncle, and their band on the final tour. Now, he’s speaking out on if the surviving lineup will be getting back together.

This really started when former Van Halen frontman and quintessential 80s rocker David Lee Roth announced his retirement. He’s set for a Las Vegas residency and plans to call it quits after those shows are behind him. Additionally, Roth heavily implied that former Van Halen drummer and co-founder Alex Van Halen would join him for a few shows to help see him off with a bang. That got fans of the classic rock legends incredibly excited. Maybe they should dial back the excitement, though.  Wolf Van Halen doesn’t believe his uncle will join his former bandmate.

Wolf Van Halen Doubts a Reunion Is Coming

WVH shared his doubts with Spin Magazine in a recent interview. When asked point-blank if his uncle would join Roth in Las Vegas, Wolf said, “I don’t think so,” which shocked the interviewer. They pressed, asking, “Isn’t that what Dave Said?”

Wolf Van Halen laughed while telling them “Yeah, I know. I don’t know about that.” However, Wolf admits that he can’t be sure. He hasn’t discussed it with Alex. But, he said, “I mean, that doesn’t really seem like something Al would do.”

The interviewer agreed, saying that Roth’s implication that Alex would join him seemed unusual. Then, Wolf Van Halen explained why he thought David Lee Roth’s implication that Alex would join him was just wishful thinking. “The thing with Van Halen that people should have learned right now is that if it doesn’t come from them, it’s not true. And Al has not made any public statements about this. So, I wouldn’t expect it. If he didn’t say it, it’s probably not true.”

David Lee Roth’s Last Shows

Back in October, David Lee Roth announced that his five-show run in Las Vegas will be his last shows during an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. During that interview, he mentioned Alex Van Halen twice.

First, he name-dropped the drummer and said, “Al and I have been talking, and I can’t speak for him just yet, but he knows what I am about to say. We speak to each other constantly, two or three times a day.”

Later in the interview, Roth called his backing band the final iteration of Van Halen. “We are bringing it in classic VH style. Alex and I are the only version, that was his message. There is no other variation, there is no torch being passed, there is no other side to this coin. This is classic, in-your-face Van Halen.”