Wolf Van Halen Shares Emotional Picture Using His Father’s ‘EVH’ Amplifiers

by Jonathan Howard

Since Eddie Van Halen passed last October, his son Wolf Van Halen has been hard at work. The younger Van Halen has been playing plenty of shows. He has also been sharing pictures and behind-the-scenes looks. He posted a great photo recently with some of his dad’s equipment.

EVH amplifiers are Eddie Van Halen’s brand. So, it makes sense that his won Wolf is going to use them. With no caption besides a heart emoji, the young guitar artist showed off the cream boxes with the EVH badges proudly on the front.

The gear is wicked. With the Van Halen lines and design on the smaller amp grill, this is a great-looking setup. The location on the post says Lucas Oil Stadium. Wolf Van Halen is gearing up to play in Indianapolis. His band, Mammoth WVH is going around the Midwest. The band will play Indy tonight, Cincinnati tomorrow, and then go on to play a couple of shows in Atlantic City over the weekend.

The 30-year-old musician has made a path for himself. While he could go around playing Van Halen hits, he toured with the band as a teenager, he has tried to avoid the cliches. Playing his own music or playing with Guns n’ Roses, Wolf Van Halen is his own artist and person. He has a ton of talent, too. However, he clearly loved his father deeply and wants to continue the legacy he left behind.

Wolf Van Halen Has Critics, Lots of Them

Of course, despite his talents and abilities, there are many that criticize Wolf Van Halen. Being the son of one of the greatest guitar players to ever live has its pros and cons. One of the pros, Wolf was able to learn and play alongside his dad to hone his skills and become a great artist himself. The cons, a bunch of weekend pickers claiming you are living off your dad’s fame.

There isn’t a more real dude in rock than Wolf Van Halen, as far as famous children of famous players are concerned. Regardless of how Wolf got to where he is today, it is clear it wasn’t undeserved. If he was just in it to live off his dad’s image, he could go a few different ways with his music. Play nothing but Van Halen songs over and over, rerelease his dad’s music, or a number of other things. However, he goes out and plays his own music. Does things on his own terms. It is impressive and endearing.

Point it, there is no one more concerned about Eddie Van Halen’s legacy than Wolf Van Halen. In the last year, he has done so much to honor his father as well as make his own way in the industry. As he continues to tour, play music, record, and more he honors that memory. With those EVH badges on the equipment, it is a nice reminder of and tribute to his father.