Wolf Van Halen Shares Epic Concert Photo, Jokes About Not Seeing ‘Guy Flipping Us Off the Whole Time’

by Kati Michelle

Wolf Van Halen continues to be one of those entertainers that draw in a wide range of attention and criticisms. It’s kind of like Jake Paul, or apparently Bruce Willis, whose past director just likened Willis to “total darkness” recently.

At least Wolf Van Halen seems to be a pretty good sport about it. Although, his father, Eddie Van Halen continues to be a point of contention with many critics since his passing last year. No, he’s not trying to replace his father, and he’s made that abundantly clear as of late.

Still, WVH appreciates his fans and likes to keep the light-hearted banter between them alive. Just this week, he pranked fans with a faux setlist. The rocker also took to Twitter yesterday to share an epic concert photo from the @93XRadio Family Reunion in Minneapolis. The kicker? Someone in the audience actually flipped off Wolf’s band, Mammoth WVH, the entire time.

Wolf Van Halen Rocks Minneapolis

Wolf Van Halen’s band, Mammoth WVH, found themselves in Minneapolis for a night as part of their multi-stop US tour. The Target Center looked absolutely packed for the show and all the photos from the night looked insane. One photo, though, takes the cake for the night. The funny part is that Wolf didn’t even notice the photo’s best feature until much later, after the fact. It involved a rowdy crowd member showing off a not-so-secret hand signal intended for the band.

WVH joked in his Tweet:

“Thank you, Minneapolis! Such a blast being a part of the @93XRadio Family Reunion! Although there was one guy flipping us off the whole time but I didn’t see him so I couldn’t make a joke about him.”

You can check out the concert snap here below. You can also play I-Spy or Where’s Waldo to find the culprit that Wolf Van Halen mentioned.

Fans Join the Fun

Fans were quick to the comments to continue the playful banter.

@OfWolfAndMan91 kept a long-time running joke with his tweet: “He’s just pissed about Panama not being played.”

Another fan actually tweeted Wolf back with a concert photo of himself also partaking in the hand gesture. Check it out to see why WVH could only muster up “Hahahaha” in return.