Wolf Van Halen Slams Fan Asking Him To Work on Unfinished Van Halen Album

by Keeli Parkey

If you were thinking about sending Wolf Van Halen a message about carrying on the legacy of his father and Van Halen, here’s some advice – don’t do it.

Based on a tweet the 30-year-old son of Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli recently shared, he doesn’t want to hear it. While he loves his father and the legacy he left behind, the young man wants to have a career that stands on its own.

You can’t really blame him. So many of us have wanted to stand alone from our parents in one way or another during our lives.

On Wednesday, Sept. 29, Wolf Van Halen took to his Twitter account to share exactly what he thinks about fans who suggest that he should carry on his father’s work after the Van Halen III album. In the tweet, he shared a screenshot of a message he received from a fan and his response.

According to the rock star’s tweet, the fan sent the following message to him: “Wolf, cook at. Please partner with Gary Cherone to finish producing the unreleased songs they recorded for the follow-up album to Van Halen III. The fans would love to hear it and, it would be a really cool tribute to your Pop, don’t you think? #garycherone #vanhalen.”

Gary Cherone, of course, was the lead singer for Van Halen for a fairly brief time. Famously, the lead singers before him were David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar.

Rocker Said Some Fans are ‘Hilariously Exhausting’

In addition to sharing this message from a fan. Wolf Van Halen also shared his response. “@studeedle for f***’s sake dude. Yeah that’s a great idea, I should go finish an album I had nothing to do with instead of continuing to work on my own stuff. I love when people decide how I should be living my life, it’s awesome,” he wrote.

Wolf Van Halen doubled down on his sentiment in the message he shared alongside the screenshots of the conversations between him and this Van Halen fan.

“It’s just hilariously exhausting at this point. People deciding how I should be and what qualifies as honoring my father etc. No self awareness with these folks whatsoever lol,” he added.

You can check out Wolf Van Halen’s tweet below.

Wolf Van Halen Has Called Out Fans Before for Wanting Him to Play His Father’s Music

Wednesday’s tweet isn’t the first time Wolf Van Halen has responded to those who want him – or expect him – to play his father’s music.

Earlier in September, he shared a “setlist” for an upcoming concert. The only song listed on it was the Van Halen hit “Panama.” Of course, he was trying to make a point about what fans expect of him. However, he clearly wants to be his own man and let his band, Mammoth WVH, stand on its own.