Wolf Van Halen Sparks Van Halen Fan Nostalgia With One of His ‘Favorite’ Photos on Stage Dad, Eddie

by Josh Lanier

Wolf Van Halen uploaded his favorite photo of him and his father. He said he wanted to share the picture of them together on stage after he saw Eddie Van Halen was trending on Twitter.

Several fans posted their own favorite photos of the father and son on stage.

Wolf Van Halen Says Dad Was a ‘Terrible’ Guitar Teacher

Eddie Van Halen was a guitar god. There is no question about that. He revolutionized the instrument in the late 1970s and 1980s and created an entirely new way to perform with it. That being said, his son said he was an awful guitar teacher. Wolf Van Halen recently went on a radio station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to talk about their failed lessons. Wolf played bass and guitar in Van Halen in recent years.

“He didn’t teach me how to play guitar, he was a terrible teacher. He only taught me how to do power chords on a guitar, and then I taught myself,” Wolf explained while laughing.

Often virtuoso talents like Eddie Van Halen have an innate understanding of their craft. He struggled to simplify his thoughts on the instrument into helpful lessons or anecdotes for his son, Wolf said.

“I would ask him how to play something, and then he would just be himself, which is be a legendary guitar player. He couldn’t really help me connect point A to point B. He would just do it and go, ‘Do this,’ because it’s so easy for him. And I would just laugh and be, like, ‘Okay,’” Wolf joked.

Eddie Van Halen died earlier this year of throat cancer. One of Eddie’s last wishes, according to TMZ, is to have his ashes scattered into the Pacific Ocean off of his home in Malibu, Calif.