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Wolfgang Van Halen Blasts ‘Factually Wrong’ Critics of His Music in New Statement

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Chris McKay/Getty Images for Live Nation)

It must be rough being the son of a rock legend. Once again, the son of guitar god Eddie Van Halen, Wolfgang, is defending his own music.

The young bassist of Van Halen played with his dad’s famous band since he was a teenager. Wolf toured the world playing live shows with the band for years. The pedigree of his musicianship is obviously top-notch, but that doesn’t stop fans from constantly criticizing his solo material.

At the end of the day, Wolf is never going to be his father. Unfortunately for him, the comparisons to Eddie and his music will likely follow him for the rest of his music career. However, you can’t blame the young musician for firing back at people who criticize his music.

Wolfgang deals with the criticism on social media often and occasionally speaks out on it as he did on Wednesday. This time around, he defended a rather specific criticism from fans and shut it down immediately. Fans on Twitter accused Wolf of using programmed digital drums instead of recording rhythms from an actual drum set.

Wolf made sure to blast those assumptions as “factually wrong.” Additionally, since he’s only released two singles so far, he asked fans to at least wait until the full album comes out before they condemn it.

“It’s fun when people’s opinions on why things are bad are literally just factually wrong,” Wolfgang Van Halen tweeted.

“Only 2 songs are out, can y’all at least wait for the whole thing to s–t on it? Gracias,” he added.

Wolfgang Van Halen Talks About Comparisons to His Famous Dad

Only two weeks ago, Wolfgang Van Halen spoke out about being compared to his late rockstar father.

The youngest Van Halen responded to a fan’s comment on Twitter. Wolf has recently branched out on his own under the name Mammoth WVH. The name comes from Van Halen’s original band name Mammoth. Wolfgang has shared two singles off his upcoming album, including “You’re To Blame” and “Distance” – a tribute song to his late father.

A Twitter user acknowledged that the 29-year-old is just getting started on his solo career. He said that fans should give his music a chance before judging and comparing the material to Van Halen. The fan even compared Wolf’s situation to Hank Williams Jr. having the same problems early on because of his legendary dad Hank Williams. However, Williams Jr. eventually found success as well on his own terms.

“Lol I can’t even imagine how much worse it would be if my name was ‘Edward Van Halen Jr,’” Wolf joked in his reply.

“But people still compare every single thing I do to my father’s accomplishments anyway. So I guess it doesn’t really matter haha,” he added along with an amusing GIF of actor Jason Segel shrugging.