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WWE Star John Cena Breaks Silence on Major Loss to Roman Reigns, Promises Future Fight

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

With John Cena returning for “Friday Night SmackDown” and significantly boosting ratings, his SummerSlam 2021 bout against Roman Reigns promised to be exciting. Though it was close, Cena ended up losing and recently broke his silence about it.

“Words cannot describe how appreciative I am that the @WWEUniverse allowed me the opportunity to return and perform. Thank you staff, superstars, and most of all FANS for giving me an unforgettable summer at “home” with my “family”. The journey takes me away now but I’ll C U soon.”

Cena said earlier this month to “never say never” about the WWE. Though this was before his match with Reigns, Cena seems fond of coming back on a regular basis and a rematch. How long these returns will last, however, remains to be seen.

“Man, never say never about the WWE. Like I said, I had a month to myself and here I am back in a ring. So maybe if I get another month to catch my breath, I’ll hopefully make another visit back.”

John Cena On Returning To The WWE And Growing As An Actor

Between his WWE appearances and acting, John Cena keeps busy. In a recent Forbes interview, he briefly went over leaving the WWE to pursue acting and how he grew as an actor.

Cena’s return to the WWE is likely due to the fact he never really wanted to leave. According to him, he only left to pursue acting as a new method to entertain people.

“I didn’t want to really leave in the first place but I was faced with a bold choice and that bold choice is try your hand at another way of entertaining people through movies and television but if you take that risk, then you can’t be on the WWE in a full capacity. I could speak maybe or I could be an announcer but you can’t participate. You can’t have matches because the insurance companies bound you to the production. That’s very fair terms.”

Acting turned out to be different than Cena initially thought. Though he had vast experience with the WWE, he found himself lacking as an actor.

“It was that old adage, if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. Well, I was the stupidest person in the room. The great thing about that is I got to get better every day and I mean, leaps and bounds better. Man, I was so moved by performances. So many moments that I shared with wonderful actors. I not only had a bunch of fun and became a member of the DC Universe but I got better as a professional.”

John Cena and James Gunn seem to share a mutual respect with one another. Even if “Peacemaker” isn’t successful, we may see more collaborations between the two in the near future.