‘Yellowstone’s 101 Studios to Produce Film About Paradise Wildfire Tragedy

by Lauren Boisvert

101 Studios, which produces Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone,” is gearing up to produce a film based on “Paradise Found,” a book by LA Times columnist Bill Plaschke. The story is about the Paradise High School football team and how they literally rose from the ashes in the wake of the tragic 2018 Camp wildfire.

The new film is part of a deal with 101 Studios and the PZAJ global production company. The film will be produced by 101 Studios’ David C. Glasser, Mike Ciardi from Select Films, and Phillip Glasser and Jason Brown from PZAJ, per Variety.

Founder of Zash Global Media, Ted Farnsworth, shared that they were excited to also be working with 101 Studios; the company enjoys the work that is coming out of the studio, such as “Yellowstone” and “Mayor of Kingstown.”

Farnsworth continued, “We want to be in business with 101 because we share a common vision; not just on taste and preferences of films, but on the execution of a business model that will bring high quality, very entertaining films to the marketplace.”

The Story of the Paradise High School Football Team in the Wake of Tragedy

The story follows the Paradise High School football team in a perspective that hasn’t really been explored before. Plaschke focuses on head coach Rick Prinz, who believed the team’s 2019 season would help the town recover. The team had to flee the actual wildfire while on the road. Additionally, all but three players lost their homes. Then, they had to practice on a field filled with potholes and a “partially melted scoreboard” in the aftermath of the fire.

“A moving and well-told account of how a battered team regrouped after catastrophic losses,” Kirkus Reviews called the book. It’s essentially a story of hope, recovery, and dedication. It’s an interesting tale, one with a nearly-overzealous head coach and a physically and mentally traumatized team at its center. “Paradise Found” isn’t necessarily a story of a wildfire, but of what came out of that wildfire.

‘Yellowstone’ Makes TV Guide’s List of 100 Best Shows On TV Right Now

Our favorite show made it onto TV Guide’s Top 100, coming in at number 27. Could be better, but overall pretty solid. Season 4 definitely wasn’t the best season of “Yellowstone” overall; a lot of fans felt Taylor Sheridan was too focused on the cross-overs and spin-offs. But, seasons 3 and 4 were where people started to really take notice of “Yellowstone”s impact on modern television.

“It’s a hit in a way shows aren’t anymore,” wrote TV Guide, “thanks to Sheridan’s distinctive writing, iconic characters like Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), and its general ability to give people something they can’t get anywhere else. It’s an all-American crowd-pleaser that never fails to deliver big, bold moments.”