‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan’s New Series is an Innovative Step: Here’s Why

by Jonathan Howard

It seems that Taylor Sheridan can take anything and make it into a story. His upcoming series Land Man was based on a podcast.

Now, we live in a world of podcasts. There’s a show for everything. Heck, even here at Outsider we are into the podcast game. So, when Taylor Sheridan bases a show on one, it is surprising, but for the show creator, it seems like light work.

Boomtown is a podcast that focuses on the West Texas oil towns that make the region unique. From brothels and sex workers to booming towns filled with oil money. Whereas Mayor of Kingstown focuses on the prison industrial complex, this new series will focus on the oil industry.

Oil towns, coal towns, gold mining towns. Resource extraction can be a big profit industry. But, it can also lead to corruption and misdeeds. That’s right up Taylor Sheridan’s alley. The writer and show creator is all about pointing and poking at the contradictions that exist in life.

One of the stories that Land Man is based on focuses on the rise of illegal sex work in a small West Texas town. The region is home to roughnecks and workers looking to make an honest living. However, that doesn’t always line up in reality.

“It focuses on greed,” Taylor Sheridan says about the show. “The very best and the very worst of man, of humanity. And that is a story worth telling and worth exploring.”

Taylor Sheridan has been working with CBSViacom in order to build a universe of shows. Not all of them are interconnected. However, he has a knack for weaving stories together when it makes sense. Aside from that, he is able to build stand-alone worlds as well.

Paramount Going All-In with Taylor Sheridan and 101 Studios

One thing that is clear, Paramount+ is betting big on Taylor Sheridan. Along with 101 Studios, Sheridan continues to pump out material. If he isn’t pieing together a Western epic with big-name stars the likes of which cable TV has never seen, he is putting Sylvester Stallone in a series.

He’s basing Land Man on a podcast. And, another series of his Kansas City that will feature Stallone was thought up in just 45 minutes after sitting around and talking about the idea. Give Sheridan a little piece of knowledge or just one idea, and he can put together an entire show in no time.

With this new show about West Texas, Taylor Sheridan continues to focus on the west, and all the region has to offer. He has 1883 that takes place partially in Texas. 6666 is another Yellowstone spin that will take place on a Texas ranch. And, this will be another Texas setting that is sure to impress and entertain viewers.