Yellowstone: Discover the Old Movie Set Hidden in the National Park

by Madison Miller

There’s a lot to explore in the national parks of the U.S. In fact, the National Park System includes 84 million acres of natural land. There are 63 protected national parks in the U.S.

One of the most popular national parks is Yellowstone. It takes up about 2,221,766 acres and is the oldest national park.

According to Statista, it attracted 4.02 million visitors in 2019, which makes it one of the most popular parks to visit, as well.

While many visitors go to visit Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone Lake, Mammoth Hot Spring, or even the Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River, there’s one location not may Yellowstone visitors may know about or visit.

Yellowstone Film Ranch

According to KOOL 107.9 FM, there is an old movie set hidden in the depths of Yellowstone. It is in the Montana wilderness near Livingston. It’s called the Yellowstone Film Ranch and is dedicated to anyone looking to film a western.

The saloon, stables, church, cabins, and other wooden structures can make it the dreamy spot for a new movie or already existing show.

The ranch would provide the perfectly woodsy and remote setting for any outdoor or western movie.

A movie called “Robert the Bruce” uses the Yellowstone Film Ranch as its main setting.

It’s a lot more than just a cabin in the woods, however. It includes a small little western town near Chico Hot Springs, Montana. This means that it has both nature and town settings perfect for filming. The western backlot is styled to look like a late 1800s gold rush town. It has 26 different structures and snowy mountains in the background.

On the film set’s Instagram page they share various photos of the set. They also shared that it’s in the shape of a “Y” to make it seem like there’s more than one town while filming.

Future of Yellowstone Film Ranch

According to their official website, the film set offers no sales tax and Montana’s tax credit of 35%.

“Our mission is to be the first and best point of contact for Montana’s burgeoning film industry. Combining the value of a full-service production studio and the state’s top western town with industry-leading capabilities in production planning, location services, and maximizing the value of Montana’s tax credits and other production incentives,” the film ranch writes on their site.

According to Missoula Current, more people are looking to Montana as a place to film now. This is after the MEDIA Act was passed in 2019. It provides tax breaks to those who film in Montana as long as individuals from Montana can work on the film. The goal is to help generate $48 million back into the state’s economy.

Carter Boehm, Richard Gray, and Colin Davis started this project due to their love of movies and Montana. They hope once the entertainment business opens back up completely, the film set will take off.

“The pandemic affected everybody. We had signed up three movies that were going to start and then this hit and of course they all went on hold. We believe that they are all three coming back when they are able too. And we are hoping that this fall or before the end of the year, that we are going to be starting a new movie that will be staring people that everybody knows. That’s the most I can say,” Boehm said to Missoula Current.