‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Once Detailed Amazing Story of Meeting Walt Disney

by Will Shepard

Kevin Costner stars in the excellent show Yellowstone, but he comes from humble beginnings. He was born in 1955 and has been fighting for everything he has in life.

His life stories are as incredible as anyone else’s. Each of his tales tells a unique adventure that sheds light on his character to this day.

One of his stories about meeting Walt Disney sums up his personality quite well. Even though Kevin Costner was a little kid when he met Walt, the story is awesome. The story comes from the Western Heritage Awards ceremony in 2019. In the story he weaves, he explains how it was he and his family’s first trip to the magical Disney Land. At the time, he was only four-years-old.

Kevin Costner’s Trip to Disney Land Ended With a Surprise Meet and Greet With Walt Disney

Kevin Costner and his brother, who was nine at the time, were thoroughly enjoying themselves. The two were loving the rides. But all of a sudden, his mother told him he couldn’t go on one of the rides he really wanted to try out.

He explains that the Frontier Land ride was being cordoned off for an exclusive VIP ride. However, four-year-old Kevin Costner didn’t understand this and wouldn’t leave the line. Instead of leaving, he ran up ahead of the oncoming VIPs and got in line. He dipped under a yellow line that was stretching across the ride entrance.

He was desperately trying to get his mother to join him, but she wouldn’t budge from where she was standing. What she knew that he didn’t was that the person coming onto the ride was Walt Disney. His mother was mortified at what her son had just done and was petrified.

However, Kevin Costner wasn’t worried about it at all – he was ahead of them in line for the ride. He was set on keeping his spot.

“The man looked down at me, and I remember him being huge. And he wasn’t angry. And he asked me if I liked this ride,” Costner explains. “I told him that I loved this ride. He simply smiled and pointed to the other side of the ribbon and said, ‘I think your mother’s over there.’ I walked back to my mom, who gathered me in with both of her arms as we watched those men take our place in the front of the line.”

Walt Disney Paid Attention to Every Detail and Made an Amazing Park

Kevin Costner says that his mother was still in shock at what had just transpired. “She asked if I knew who he was. I shook my head. And then she told me – that was Walt Disney.”

As he continues his speech, Kevin Costner explains that Walt Disney was a stickler for details. Bringing happiness to children was the man’s passion.

“I’m sure that Walt looked at those men and in a quick lecture reminded them, ‘That kid doesn’t just like this ride; he loves this ride.’ I didn’t know what detail was, but Walt did, and he understood the power of little things being the things that could mean the most. Everything was real in my mind: the buzzards, the snakes, the cactus, how steep it all seemed.

This interaction that Kevin Costner had with Walt Disney when he was just four-years-old speaks volumes to the legend. Not only did it make an immediate impact on the future star, but it stayed with him.