‘Yellowstone’ Production Company’s New Project Could Be a Game-Changer for Fans

by Alex Falls

101 Studios, the production behind the hit Taylor Sheridan series Yellowstone, is teaming up with TV personality and fashion expert Jill Martin on a new project sure to excite fans of the instant classic show. Together, they’re launching ShotTheScenes.com, a platform where viewers can purchase clothes and other items seen on their favorite shows.

In addition to Yellowstone, Netflix‘s hit show Emily in Paris will be featured in the website’s launch. Other recent and classic TV shows will be added as the platform develops. Another 25 shows are projected to be announced as participating with ShopTheScenes by 2023 according to a report from Deadline.

The trade is also known as “t-commerce” which enables shopping to become part of the viewing experience. It’s long been viewed as a brass ring of sorts in the entertainment business. For several decades, various consumer brands have attempted to find the right model to achieve this integration. Most recently, the technology has advanced as companies such as Amazon, NBCUniversal, and Disney have made ventures into the space.

The consumer model is also attractive to programming networks. They seek to add additional sources of revenue in an increasingly competitive TV market. The advent of streaming as made TV content more plentiful than ever. As such, networks continue looking for ways to further engage their audiences.

A New Shopping Experience for TV Audiences

Through ShopTheScenes viewers will be able to access “authentic items they have always wanted but didn’t know how to find,” according to the launch announcement. Items will include clothing, furniture, household items, and even limited edition items that will be one of a kind.

The shopping platform is working with showrunners ahead of their upcoming seasons to incorporate items from their scripts with an eye toward making them available to purchase as the episodes air. ShopTheScenes said they will work with “hundreds” of small businesses that contribute to the set design of TV shows to feature authentic items.

“Our goal is to bring viewers into their favorite shows, movies and events and allow them to immerse themselves through groundbreaking technology into their favorite scenes,” Martin said during a pop-up event of TODAY. “This innovation represents the next wave of engaging and interacting with content. Bringing the virtual world into consumers reality through a one-stop retail experience. How many times have fans watched a show or movie and thought, ‘I love that dress… or where can I buy that table?'”

David Glasser, CEO of 101 Studios, said Martin has “mastered the in-show shopping experience.” He said ShopTheScenes represents “a unique opportunity to expand the fan experience by allowing viewers to purchase merchandise from some incredible shows. This is the first shoppable experience of its kind. We are excited to bring it to fans of the shows.”

Yellowstone Season 4 marathon on Paramount Network will coincide with the site’s functionality on November 12. The following day, the Season 5 premiere of the show will mark the site’s shopping launch.