Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham Details ‘Pretty Wild’ Brand Removal Scene

by Caroline Bynum

Ryan Bingham, who plays Walker in Paramount’s Yellowstone, first joined the show solely in a songwriter position. When Taylor Sheridan learned of his rodeo background, the writer wrote the singer into the show. Bingham spoke on his experience acting and some of his favorite scenes to earlier this week.

Sheridan originally reached out to Bingham about “possibly writing some songs and using some of the songs that I already had,” the singer-songwriter explains. After learning of Bingham’s cowboy background, “[Sheridan] said, ‘Heck, I got to write you in to this show.’ And so that’s how that all started.” asked Ryan Bingham about his favorite scenes in the 13 episodes he was featured in. “I don’t know for my favorite one, but some of my favorite ones have been with Jimmy, with Jefferson [White’s] character,” Bingham explains. Furthermore, he likes the interaction of their two characters. “I know my character kind of gives him a little bit of s— at the beginning,” he says. “But I think Walker has a soft spot for Jimmy, and some of that’s just endearing.”

Of course, Bingham detailed one of the most intense scenes he participated in. He recalls the difficulty of the scene in which Walker cuts off Wade’s brand in order to prove his dedication. Bingham says it was “pretty wild” because the actors are so talented and believable. “I had to walk up to him with the knife and that prosthetic was peeling. And I don’t know if it Velcroed in there or what was attached to it, but it wasn’t the easiest thing to get off,” he recalls. “So I really had to cut on it, and really jerk it off of there,” he explains. He adds the scene was crazy because of the emotion expressed by Wade, played by Boots Southerland. Bingham says, “The way he was screaming, it was pretty intense.”

While the Paramount show’s cast and crew have returned to Montana to film season four, Ryan Bingham is not among them now. Though, he tells PopCulture he is ready to go join on set whenever he gets the call to return.

Yellowstone’s all-star soundtrack features seven of Bingham’s songs along with hits by Whiskey Myers, Blackberry Smoke, and Chris Stapleton.