‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Wishes Fans ‘Happy 2021,’ Celebrates Success of New Film

by Jon D. B.

Cole Hauser is wishing us all a “Happy 2021” alongside thanking fans for making his film The Last Champion #1 through the holidays.

“Happy 2021 to y’all!” the Yellowstone star tweets. “Thanks for keeping us at #1 through the holidays!” Alongside his fans, star Cole Hauser has much to celebrate headed into the New Year.

For one, his return in Yellowstone Season 4 is the most hotly anticipated television return of 2021. Moreover, his most recent film, The Last Champion, has become the #1 film streaming on host Apple TV. It is also the #1 sports film streaming on Google Play, and Hauser is clearly thrilled with the success. As he should be!

Cole Hauser: Man on Fire

While the star has a long and prolific list of acting credits, his newfound rise to superstardom is proof of fans’ hunger for anything and everything Yellowstone and, of course, Rip Wheeler. More aptly, it’s proof of the undeniable talent the #1 television drama’s cast holds. Cole Hauser leads the pack, rising to meet Yellowstone’s key player Kevin Costner as one of America’s favorite leading men.

As proof of this, the production company behind his newest film is relatively unknown. In fact, Redburn Street Pictures only has 88 followers on its YouTube channel that debuted the film’s trailer earlier this year (which you can view below). Now, The Last Champion is one of the most streamed films online.

Within, Cole Hauser step into the shoes of former Olympian John Wright. A fallen champion, Wright returns to his small hometown that still lives in the shadow of his past – much as he does. Once the pride of his hometown, Wright’s own mistakes have him barreling down hard into a life he loathes.

All in all, Champion tells the tale of a once-proud man as he navigates life after failure, all the while trying to save his mother’s home from foreclosure. With a circle of close friends, Wright decides to return to the wrestling mat in the form of coaching kids that grew up much the same way he did. Here, he meets a young athlete, played by Sean H. Scully, who might as well be a mirror for himself. Together, they can make it back to the Olympics – if they can get out of their own way.

Have You Watched THE LAST CHAMPION Yet?

“A former championship wrestler is forced to face his past when he returns to the hometown he left in disgrace twenty years earlier. #TheLastChampion starring Cole Hauser and Hallie Todd.”

Redburn Street Pictures

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