‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Broke Down Passion Behind Understated 2014 Film, ‘Black or White’

by Katie Maloney

Kevin Costner shares why he decided to partly fund his 2014 movie Black or White.

Kevin Costner knows good movies. Even when everything appears to be going wrong, like when he directed and starred in Dances With Wolves, Costner always seems to pull through. Everyone thought that Dances With Wolves was going to be the downfall of Costner’s career. But it ended up grossing $424 million at the box office. So, when it came time to back another movie, Costner thought he’d find more support. But that wasn’t the case.

In 2014 Kevin Costner starred alongside Octavia Spencer in the family drama Black or White. The movie follows Elliott Anderson (Costner) who has to raise his biracial granddaughter alone when his wife dies in a car accident. However, Eloise’s paternal grandmother, Rowena (Octavia Spencer) believes she’s better equipped to raise the child and a custody battle ensues.

Trailer for Black or White starring Kevin Costner.

Kevin Costner Partly Paid For Black Or White Himself When No One Else Would Support the Movie

Although Costner found the story to be riveting, he couldn’t find anyone to fund the project. So, he decided to partly finance the movie himself through his Treehouse Films company. During an interview in 2014, Kevin Costner talked about why he felt so drawn to Black or White.

“To me, it’s the same movie as Dances with Wolves,” said Costner. “I think it’s a powerful movie, I think it’s very commercial. And I think it smells like everything that studios want, which is money – and that’s not bad. I don’t think artistic and financial things are mutually exclusive.”

Costner said that even his wife was hesitant but ultimately supported his decision.

“I couldn’t get anybody to see what I saw in it,” said Costner. “I literally walked into my own den and looked at my wife and said, ‘I think I’m gonna pay for this movie,’ and she said ‘Really?’ And then she said ‘If you think that’s what you should do, then that’s what you should do.'”

In the end, the movie was fully financed and premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. Additionally, Octavia Spencer won an AAFC Award in 2014 for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Rowena in the movie.

“And I do feel that it’s a movie to be seen, and a movie to be talked about – without trying,” said Costner. “It doesn’t preach, but it’s quite humorous and ultimately very poignant.”

In conclusion, Kevin Costner knows what he’s doing when it comes to choosing quality movies.