‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Compared Making Films Versus Music: ‘Making Movies is Very Dry’

by Jon D. B.

If this revealing 2010 interview is anything to go by, it sounds like ‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner may be a musician at heart – and not an actor! At the very least, the John Dutton icon seems to pull a lot more energy from music-based performance than he does from the thespian-based arts.

When speaking for IEAB in Nashville after back-to-back Grand Ole Opry and Hilton Hotel performances, the icon was asked how he felt working in film and music differ from one another. And many ‘Yellowstone’ fans may find his answer surprising.

“The difference between [music and film]… is that making movies is very dry and you have to find the energy,” the future Dutton revealed.

For Costner, the thrill of a live performance with other musicians – chiefly his Modern West bandmates – trumps all.

“I was a little tired this morning, you were probably a little tired, but can you imagine being on stage and hearing the drums? You just can’t stop but get caught up in the wave,” he admits at the time.

Like many performers, Costner echoes the sentiment that a live performance cannot be beaten. The energy from those playing alongside you is far from the only force at play, too.

“The fact that you clap for me, you didn’t have to do that,” he continues in the interview. ” But you made me feel very welcome.  And I’ll admit that I needed that.  That made me feel welcome, so it’s kind of amazing what we do for each other.”

‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner is at His Best On Stage

For the Hollywood A-Lister, it all goes well beyond the energy he’s receiving. Costner is all about the give as much as he is the take. To this end, he says “we have such an opportunity to affect the person’s life in a positive way… What we actually have is just a way to thank them.”

“People never realize that that smile is a kind of thank you that you give somebody,” he continues of how grateful he was for the audience’s reception to Modern West.

“It just depends on what we decide to give. So for my band, for that little clap… If you think this is all old hat stuff for me, it’s not!” he lauds to thunderous applause.

In the same IESB interview, the future ‘Yellowstone’ star also let slip that the Grand Ole Opry is the only music venue to ever give him pre-show butterflies, too.

“Those were the only two shows that I actually had butterflies all day for; the Opry, I’m kind of uneasy the whole day,” he reveals earlier on. We’ve got the full details on Costner’s 2010 experience at the home of country music right here, too.