‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner’s Daughter Performed Song in One of His Movies in 2014

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone actor Kevin Costner is a man of many gifts but is not the only member of his family with talent.

Costner’s daughter, Lily Costner, is a talented actress and singer in her own right. The 33-year-old has appeared in several movies with her father including The Postman and Black or White. In the latter movie, which stars Kevin Costner, Lily gets to show off her immense vocal talent in a funeral scene. The movie came out in 2014 and along with Costner, stars Octavia Spencer, Gillian Jacobs, Bill Burr, Anthony Mackie and Gillian Jacobs.

In the scene, Kevin Costner’s character, Elliot Anderson, is attending the funeral of his wife. Lily sings “Long as I Can See the Light” to perfection inside of the church where the funeral is going. The emotional song makes a perfect backdrop for the intense scene. Standing in front of a choir, Lily’s solo song is beautiful and touching as other characters cope with the loss of Eloise Anderson.

Kevin Costner Movie Features Song From Daughter

YouTube users commenting on the video say Lily Costner’s version of the song is quite strong and moving.

“I believe that this is the most touching version of this song ever performed,” a commenter says of the song. “I have tears in my eyes every time I hear it.”

Lily, Kevin Costner’s second eldest daughter, inherited a love of the arts from her father. She took on her first acting gig with the 1995 film “The Babysitter Club” at the of nine. In 2004, she was chosen as “Miss Golden Globe” and given a big responsibility at the Golden Globes Awards ceremony. This prestigious title goes to children of famous figures in Hollywood. Their job is to hand the awards and walk guests onto the stage.

She isn’t the only member of her family with musical talent. Kevin Costner also has a nice set of pipes and plays a mean guitar as well.

In addition to being one of Hollywood’s best leading men, Costner also fronts a band he founded several years called “Kevin Costner and Modern West.

With Yellowstone currently on hiatus, Costner and the band recently performed a live show in Texas. Yellowstone expects to premiere its fourth season this summer.