‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Detailed How He Deals with ‘Bad Days’ When Directing

by Katie Maloney

Even famous actors have bad days sometimes. Here’s how Kevin Costner said he deals.

For most people, when you have a bad day you can simply go home, leave the day in the past, and start over tomorrow. But that’s not necessarily the case for actors when they’re making movies. A bad day could be immortalized through a scene in a movie. So, actors/directors like Kevin Costner, have to find ways to deal with bad days and keep the movie on track. During an interview in 2014, Kevin Costner said that he, just like everyone else, had bad days sometimes. But he’s developed ways to deal with them on set, especially when he’s directing a movie.

“People that do anything sometimes have bad days. When I direct, I tell my actors, ‘There’s going to be a day when I’m not as good as others, and on those days, I really need for you to be good.'” said Costner.

Kevin Costner added that, when he makes a movie, he’s not just managing everyone on set, he’s also dealing with everyone in his cast and crew’s lives.

“You have to deal with the whole life when you’re making a movie – boyfriends, girlfriends, and things – and some days you’re just not as good,” said Costner. “So for me, my pledge is always, on that day, if the director will tell me, ‘Hey, I’m not really feeling that good,’ I get a little bit stronger. I’m a coach’s coaching player. I like to be on the floor. So, if the coach tells me what to do out on the floor, I can get it done. I’m really comfortable being directed.”

Kevin Costner Explained How Yellowstone Is Different From His Previous Projects

No matter what Kevin Costner does, he does it authentically. Every character he’s played has been so authentic that people actually think he has connections to the role. For example, for years people have thought that Costner is a baseball fanatic and loves western movies. But that’s not actually the case. In fact, he admitted that he enjoys playing or watching baseball occasionally but has never been a fanatic. He’s also admitted that he only really likes a few western movies. But people have always just assumed that he loved both of these things because he was so believable in his baseball movies and westerns.

Now that’s he a ruthless rancher in Yellowstone, people may start to think Kevin Costner was a ranch hand before becoming an actor (he wasn’t). Nevertheless, there’s one thing that Costner said sets his work on Yellowstone apart from all of his previous roles. During an interview in 2019, Costner said that he’s never worked on a project where he didn’t know the ending.

“This series has unfolded, for me, very much like it has for the audience,” said Costner. “I did a pilot and that’s all that was there. There were no other episodes. So, the arc of this show is revealing itself not only to an audience on broadcast, but it’s also revealing itself to me as the scripts come to me. So, that’s a different way of working than I’ve ever worked before.”