‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Revealed He ‘Divorces’ Himself from Directing Thoughts While Acting

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner has to juggle different perspectives while he’s working. He’s been an actor. He’s been a director. And he’s been a producer.

So while he’s working in just one of those roles, how does he step back and let other people play their roles without second-guessing their judgment?

It’s a tough line to walk. But in the past, Costner has said that he manages to work with other directors as an actor by “divorc[ing] myself” from directing.

Kevin Costner ‘Looks Out For’ His Directors

In “Yellowstone,” Costner has had to step back from directing to act. And Costner seemed to suggest that his directing experience has made him a more sensitive actor in an interview with Huffington Post in 2014.

He said that he is able to turn his directing instincts off in some ways. But in other ways, his directing experience allows him to offer valuable input to directors who seek it.

“Well, I really am able to divorce myself of it,” Costner said of his directing experience. “Because, one, I’m glad that they have the pressure. But if a director is able to embrace me, I can just sit back there and look to make sure he doesn’t step on the line.”

“And that doesn’t even mean he has, but if he would spin and asked me something, I’d say something to him,” Costner explained. “But not in the vein of, ‘I think he’s doing it wrong.’ It’s more of a, ‘I watch and I look out for my director.’”

Costner said he doesn’t impose his perspective on directors who don’t seek it. But if they want his assessment of a situation, he’s there.

“If they want input from me, they can get it,” he said. “I won’t always know what to do about a certain situation or certain problem… I’m out there every day with them, if I think they’re overwhelmed, or whatever, if they look to me, I might say something — but I don’t feel the need to.”

Costner Is Always Aware of ‘Yellowstone’’s Historical Context

In a more recent interview with “Live with Kelly and Ryan” last summer, Costner talked “Yellowstone” and series co-creator Taylor Sheridan’s vision for the show. Sheridan has written and directed many episodes of the series, and Costner has been supportive of what he’s trying to do.

“It’s a bold swipe at everything,” Costner said of “Yellowstone.” “I mean, it’s really a lot of fun… You know, it’s our melodrama set against God’s beautiful world.”

Costner also delved into the historically rich setting that forms the backdrop of “Yellowstone” and influences its plot in some ways. He said the Bitterroot Valley, located in southwestern Montana near the city of Missoula, running along the border with Idaho, is both beautiful and evocative.

 “When you think about where we’re shooting, it’s right there in a place called the Bitterroot Valley,” Costner explained. “And historically, that valley has a lot. So when you see those mountains, understand, exactly where we’re filming is where Lewis and Clark came through.”

“I always think about it,” Costner added. “But I think that’s what has made the show very appealing.”

“Yellowstone” fans certainly seem to agree. The show shattered ratings records with its Season 3 premiere and Season 3 finale. And with the Season 4 premiere fast approaching, the show’s fan base is broader than ever.