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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Was Once Left ‘Embarrassed’ and ‘Kind of Hurt’ After Meeting Madonna in 1991

by Katie Maloney
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Years ago, Kevin Costner revealed that meeting Madonna was a memorable experience – but not because it was a positive interaction.

Certainly, Kevin Costner is a Hollywood superstar. After making his major film debut in The Untouchables, Costner soared to fame. Since then he’s starred in projects including Field of Dreams, Dances With Wolves, Hidden Figures, and Yellowstone. And when you’re rising in fame like Kevin Costner was in the 90s, you start meeting a lot of celebrities.

One of the celebrities Costner had the opportunity to meet was music superstar, Madonna. In 1991, Costner met Madonna backstage after one of her shows on the Blonde Ambition tour. Along with several other celebrities, Costner stepped into Madonna’s dressing room to congratulate her on a great performance and thank her for the invitation to her show. The interaction was captured in a clip from Madonna’s 1991 documentary Madonna: Truth or Dare.

“You were great. Thanks for having us,” said Costner to Madonna. “That was very generous. We thought it was neat.”

Madonna quickly responded that no one had ever described her concert as “neat.” Once Kevin Costner walked away, Madona made a gagging motion and said, “Neat? Anybody who says my show is ‘neat’ has to go.”

Kevin Costner talked about the meeting over a decade later during an interview in 2007.

“Yeah, I was embarrassed by it and kind of hurt by it. I just went back there because I was asked to go back,” said Costner. “And I found the best word that I could. I never called her on it or whatever.”

Madonna makes a rude comment to Kevin Costner during her 1991 documentary.

Madonna Publicly Apologized To Kevin Costner Years Later

You know you’re a good dad when you take your daughters to a concert even after the headliner ridiculed you in front of an entire film crew. But Kevin Costner must be a pretty cool dad because that’s exactly what he did.

Years after his encounter with Madonna, Costner brought his daughters to another show. When Madonna learned that Costner and his family were in the crowd, she stopped her set to apologize on stage. Everyone makes mistakes and it was cool that Madonna took the time to right her wrongs. Kevin Coster agreed, according to the same 2007 interview.

“But I really respected that, and it showed me the power of just keeping your own counsel for a long time…Whatever possessed her, whatever was inside her, she came to her own decision. And a bigger thing came out of some kind of humiliation.”