‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Explained Why He Formed Band ‘Modern West’

by Jon D. B.

Well before his tenure as ‘Yellowstone’s John Dutton began, Hollywood icon Kevin Costner told NBC’s K5 exactly why he formed his band, ‘Modern West.’

Back in 2016, Kevin Costner did the rounds for one of his few turns as a straight-up villain for ‘Criminal’. The film reunited Costner with his ‘JFK’ co-star, Gary Oldman. In addition, a then still relatively unknown, pre-Wonder-Woman Gal Gadot would star, as well.

Aside from the typical press inquiries, NBC’s K5 affiliate decided to ask the actor something a bit more personal. Noting his “branching out” as both a novel author and musician, the station wanted to know exactly what made Costner make the jump into other mediums. There was, after all, no financial need for him to do anything other than acting.

“You know, you dream about maybe doing those things and think you can, and you just don’t want to end up in your life saying, ‘I could have done that,’” the ‘Yellowstone’ lead told K5.

“There comes a time where you kind of have to sit down and bore into it,” he continued, noting the hard work he’s poured into his band, ‘Modern West.’

From ‘Modern West’ to ‘Yellowstone,’ Kevin Costner Does it All

For those who haven’t crossed over from his feature work into music, Kevin Costner & Modern West is a country-rock fusion band founded by the man himself.

Costner kicked off Modern West’s debut with a worldwide tour in October of 2007. Playing everywhere from his favorite American cities to Rome and even Istanbul, Modern West made a big impression. After getting their feet, the band would play at Daytona International Speedway for NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series. The show was a hit with NASCAR fans. As a result, Modern West returned for Sprint’s Cup in North Carolina’s Lowe’s Motor Speedway.

As for the charts, the ‘Yellowstone’ star’s first album with Modern West was country in origin. Titled ‘Untold Truths,’ their debut hit November 11, 2008 courtesy of Universal South. ‘Untold Truths’ would peak at No. 61 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart. In addition, it hit No. 35 on the Top Heatseekers chart, as well.

While the album found moderate success, the three singles it spawned – “Superman 14,” “Long Hot Night,” and “Backyard” – would not chart on the radio.

Despite the band’s ups and downs, Costner continues to communicate with fans via social media from accounts using his band’s full name: Kevin Costner & Modern West.

View one of the ‘Yellowstone’ stars latest Modern West efforts below with “Won’t Stop Loving You.”