‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Was Once the Answer to This ‘Jeopardy!’ Question

by Katie Maloney

Who is Kevin Costner? You know you’ve made it when you’re the answer to a Jeopardy! question.

Who hasn’t dreamed of being so famous that they’re featured as an answer to a Jeopardy! question? We know we have. With two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and an Emmy, being an answer on the iconic game show may not have been the most exciting accomplishment in Kevin Costner’s career. Nevertheless, it is an accomplishment. Costner was featured in an episode that aired on March 16, 2017. He fell into a category titled, “Got a Wife and Kids.” The value of the clue was $600. So, what was the clue? “This twice-married actor is 7/9 of the way home to having a full Field of Dreams baseball team of his kids.” Would you have replied, “Who is Kevin Costner?”

Kevin Costner talks about Field of Dreams 25 years after movie’s premiere.

Kevin Costner on ‘Field Of Dreams’: ‘I Have No Idea How This Movie Worked’

Thirty-two years ago a mysterious voice in the Iowa sky told Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) to build a baseball diamond in the middle of his cornfield. Since then, Field of Dreams has become one of the most iconic baseball movies of all time. During an interview, Kevin Costner talked about how ridiculous the plot of the film sounds when you think about it intellectually – a guy hears a voice in his head, builds a baseball diamond on his farm, and the ghosts of famous athletes from decades past reunite on his field.

“I don’t know how this movie worked. Honest to God,” said Kevin Costner. “We’re sitting here talking intellectually about this movie. But you know, movies aren’t intellectual. They’re emotional. And this movie rang a bell.”

Certainly, Field of Dreams rang a bell for viewers worldwide. The themes of redemption, second chances, and staying true to your inner voice despite all odds, connected viewers everywhere.

“A lot of times people go ‘You know, the movies don’t mean anything,'” said Costner. “But this one did. This little movie did.”

Kevin Costner also said that the movie has served as a reminder for him throughout his acting career.

“It’s part of the language now, a part of the country. Movies at their best, are about moments that you never ever forget,” said Costner. “It’s a healthy reminder to me that, if you start out with what you think a good movie is, it might end up that way. And it might live on forever.”