‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Producing Series About Historic Apollo 11 Moon Landing

by John Jamison

John Dutton actor Kevin Costner has been flexing his production muscle as of late. Over the winter, he revealed that he would be producing a series called “National Parks.” The show appeared to be in the same vein as “NCIS,” but follows the exploits of National Park Service agents as they protect federal lands. Now, the “Yellowstone” star is blasting off with an executive producer role on a show called “One Giant Leap.” It will focus on the personalities and lesser-known aspects of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

National Geographic and Disney+ joined forces recently on a similar project. It was a dramatization of the Apollo program with their series “The Right Stuff.” Disney canceled it following the first season. But Kevin Costner and Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson are taking a limited series approach to “One Giant Leap.”

Stephen Kronish is signed on as a writer and will lead the show. He produced and wrote on shows like “24” and “The Kennedys.”

“It’s the telling of the moon landing as more than one of the most stunning scientific achievements in history. But as the triumph of all-too-human beings over their own flaws,” Kronish told Deadline recently.

According to Deadline, the new limited series will focus its attention on the relationships between Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Mike Collins. Apparently, it will explore a Soviet Union attempt to destroy Apollo 11 as it charted a course for the moon.

“I thought I knew the Apollo 11 story. After reading this script it’s even more dramatic, absolutely fascinating and certainly more human,” Levinson said. The director won an Oscar in 1989 for his effort on “Rain Man.”

“One Giant Leap” is approaching actors about playing the lead roles at this very moment.

Producer Mike Medavoy Is Excited to Work With Group Including ‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner

Another producer on the limited series is Mike Medavoy. Some of his past work includes producing “Zodiac,” “Black Swan,” and “Shutter Island,” to name a few. Medavoy also had a hand in “Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner’s classic “Dances With Wolves.” He’s worked with Barry Levinson in the past as well, and he’s excited about the potential for the group.

“I’m really excited to bring together this creative group. I have been lucky to have worked with Barry on Bugsy and with Kevin on Dances with Wolves.  Collaborating on this project is a great opportunity to bring Steve Kronish’s work to life,” Medavoy told Deadline.

This isn’t the “Yellowstone” star’s first foray into the space program. Kevin Costner played a character named Al Harrison in the 2016 movie “Hidden Figures.” The character was loosely based on the first director of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, per NASA.