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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Reflects on 30th Anniversary of ‘The Bodyguard’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images)

In 1992, movie star Kevin Costner joined the late pop music icon Whitney Houston on the big screen making movie magic with the cult-classic film The Bodyguard. This anniversary has been celebrated throughout the last few months. The film was re-released in theaters a few times. It has also made a big return on some popular streaming services. Now, Costner is reflecting a little more on this anniversary, sharing an Insta post featuring some amazing fan art from The Bodyguard’s movie poster.

“This weekend marks the 30th anniversary of the release of The Bodyguard,” notes the Yellowstone star in the Insta message.

“…. seems like yesterday!!” Costner exclaims.

In this post, the award-winning actor shares a pic of some amazing artwork. The piece is a stunning depiction of the movie’s original poster. “artwork by @thobiasdaneluz, commissioned by @kevincostnerifc,” Costner says.

The Bodyguard Becomes An Unforgettable Classic

According to Kymberli Frueh, SVP of Programming and Content Acquisitions for Trafalgar Releasing this film has become a classic that few will ever forget.

The Bodyguard’s story and songs are indelibly etched on the hearts of movie and music fans all around the globe,” Frueh says of the popular movie.

One of the most beloved pieces of The Bodyguard has long been the film’s iconic soundtrack. This soundtrack remains one of the most successful of its kind. It holds the esteem of being the best-selling album by a woman in the industry. In fact, the movie’s most popular single is a remake of the Dolly Parton classic, I Will Always Love You. Additionally, this version of the song which was sung by the film’s star, Whitney Houston, gained diamond status after its release. The album was also the fourth of Houston’s records to surpass 10 million in sales.

Kevin Costner Hosts Yellowstone National Park Docu-Series

Yellowstone National Park is turning 150 years old today. And, as part of the celebration, movie star Kevin Costner is hosting an upcoming docuseries highlighting the park’s history. The star says he was inspired to take part in this project after learning about the national park’s unique history.

“We take a lot for granted,” Kevin Costner says in a recent conversation with People.

“But because people risked a lot, we all have much richer lives,” the longtime actor continues. “Contributing my time towards the story seeing more light of day is just a tiny thing.”

This upcoming docuseries consists of four one-hour-long episodes. In each one of these episodes, Costner delves deeper into the area’s history.

“This was a time in America when all people cared about was what they could extract from the land. What they could get out of it,” Costner says in the show’s premiere episode.

“But these pioneers, they came up with an entirely new idea,” he relates. “A new way of finding value in the land. I wanted to see what they saw. I want to see what changed them.”