‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Revealed He Got ‘Butterflies All Day’ Before First Grand Ole Opry Show

by Jon D. B.

When it comes to the legendary Grand Ole Opry, not even ‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner is above the pre-show jitters. In this revealing 2010 Nashville interview, the icon shared just how nervous he was before standing in the world-famous six-foot circle of original Ryman wood.

Over a decade ago, IEBA presented a Music City performance by the one and only Kevin Costner and his band, Modern West. The concert was held in conjunction with a Q&A session, which saw the future ‘Yellowstone’ star divulge much of his feelings on music performance vs. acting.

“We are thrilled to have such a renowned entertainer as Kevin Costner not only perform, but spend time with our attendees in an intimate setting,” said IEBA Executive Director Tiffany Davis at the time. “It was a rare, but very special gift to our members, and a top highlight of our 40th anniversary.”

The night before, Costner had just completed concerts in one of the most iconic music venues on Earth: The Grand Ole Opry. As it turns out, playing on such hallowed ground is life-changing even for an A-List Hollywood star.

“The Opry, I’m kind of uneasy the whole day…”

Interviewing the multi-talented Costner in the Hilton Hotel of downtown Nashville was Suzanne Alexander of local GAC fame.

“Kevin, thank you for taking time today to visit with us and share your music, and your insight,” she began that October. “Last night, you played the Opry and with it being such a landmark and cherished venue for so many, I am wondering how you sum up the experience?”

Thank you, I’ve obviously seen some wonderful nights in my life and that has to rank right up there with the things that have happened in this thing that you call your own personal journey,” Costner began.

As for his feelings on playing the Opry the night before, the irreplaceable man that would eventually become ‘Yellowstone’s John Dutton was positively glowing.

“Those were the only two shows that I actually had butterflies all day for,” he revealed. “The Opry, I’m kind of uneasy the whole day.”

Take note, ‘Yellowstone’ fans. Want to make John Dutton nervous? Ask him to perform at the Grand Ole Opry.

Moving along, Alexander noted the amazing renovations the Opry had just undergone. 2010 saw the disastrous flooding of Nashville, followed by a remarkable recovery. The Opry itself had to be completely restored after a dozen feet of standing water. Afterwards, one of the dressing rooms now features a portrait of Kevin Costner that remains to this day.

“There is a perfect picture of Kevin standing there in the six-foot circle of the original Ryman wood and the WSM microphone,” Alexander reveals to the audience. “Wow, I can’t wait for him to see it,” she ponders in the interview. “I’m assuming you did?”

“I didn’t get to but I’m going back, although I don’t recall that woman coming out and asking me back.  That’s fine!,” Costner and the audience laughed.

We’re hoping the ‘Yellowstone’ star comes back to Nashville for even more appearances, too. He has performed in the Opry since 2010, with another concert following in 2012.

For now, however, enjoy Costner’s original Opry debut below: