‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Revealed One of His Favorite Lines from Underrated Movie

by Jon D. B.

Even diehard Kevin Costner fans won’t guess this one. During his 2016 press run for ‘Criminal,’ the ‘Yellowstone’ icon revealed the one line still “rattling around in his head” after four decades in Hollywood.

2016 was a different time for Kevin Costner. For one, the star had yet to book ‘Yellowstone’ as John Dutton, the role that would bring Costner front and center to entirely new generations of fans. At the time, he was deep in the press throws of ‘Criminal,’ a crime thriller unique for many things, including reuniting Costner with his JFK co-star of 25 years prior: fellow industry legend Gary Oldman.

Far more shocking to audiences, however, was the future ‘Yellowstone’ actor‘s return to a villainous role. He had tried this before with ‘Mr. Brooks, his 2012 serial killer epoch. Yet these roles never seem to stick for the man best known as America’s grizzled protagonists.

Speaking to this, NBC’s affiliate K5 sat down with Costner to discuss the roles he was most recognized for leading up to ‘Criminal.’

“The good thing about when people come up and talk to me is I don’t know what’s going to come out of their mouth, and I like that my life hasn’t boiled down to a single movie,” Costner told K5. “It will range from 10 to 12 different movies, that people will say, ‘That was the one that meant the most to me.’ So for me, that’s very gratifying.”

Kevin Costner’s Favorite Pre-‘Yellowstone’ Line is a Surprising One

As for his favorite line from this four-decade-spanning resume, Kevin Costner surprisingly had an answer straight away.

“I think there’s a great line I say to Annette Bening (in ‘Open Range’) in the end when he finally gets the idea that this is his chance at love, he goes “You are the handsomest woman I ever saw,’” Costner recalled with a genuine smile.

“And you see that she doesn’t flinch, she has such grace with it and understands that it’s the highest compliment that this man can give her. And so she doesn’t comment on its crudeness.”

Alongside this particular ‘Open Range’ line standing out to Costner, he revealed that he does “measure time” with his movies.

“I know what movie I’m working on when my children are born, when I bought a house, when I did something,” he concluded.

As for his favorite ‘Yellowstone’ lines? Well, we don’t have an answer there yet. We do, however, have quite a few favorites of our own from the series here at Outsider.