‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Said ‘Best Sports Movies Aren’t About Sports’: Here’s Why

by Thad Mitchell

If anyone on earth knows the perfect recipe for a lovable sports movie, it might just be Yellowstone star, Kevin Costner.

The two-time Academy Award winner appears in more than a few movies on the subject of sports. Costner, now 66-years-old, is currently staring in Yellowstone, a modern western drama that’s rising in popularity. He plays lead character and ranch owner John Dutton on the show. Along with his love for all things modern west-style, he also has a strong love for sports.

While he has admiration for lots of sports, baseball is his first love. His love for America’s Favorite Pastime is evident by the number of baseball movies he’s been in over the course of his 40-year career. He’s starred in Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, and Fastball just to name a few. His love of baseball started in his youth and he even tried walking on to his college’s baseball team. While he failed to make the team at California State University, his love for baseball never wavered and is evident in his movie role selections.

Kevin Costner Describes What Make a Good Sports Flick

In a 2014 interview, Kevin Costner speaks out on the elements that create a quality sports movie. He says the best sports movie have that extra touch of emotion that is easily understood in a world where team sports are everywhere.

“The best sports movies are obviously not about sports,” he says emphatically. “They’re about boys and girls who do get along, and sometimes don’t get along, and have just a strong desire to be together and sometimes don’t have the words to figure out how to do that.”

While he has an adoration for sports movies, and likely always will, we have seen Costner take on more character-driven parts recently. In addition to his work on Yellowstone he recently starred in “Let Him Go” just last year. He also has a new project in the works called “National Parks” that will soon appear on the ABC Network.

We don’t know if we will see Kevin Costner in another sports movie anytime soon but we certainly would love to. For now, fans of the actor are enjoying his work on Yellowstone and looking forward to his upcoming projects. We wouldn’t rule out Costner taking another swing at a baseball-themed move in the future tough. His love of the game suggests he would be open to the idea.