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‘Yellowstone’ TV Airing Every Episode This Memorial Day Weekend Ahead of Season 4: How to Watch

by Katie Maloney
"Yellowstone" premieres Wednesday, June 20 on Paramount Network. Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton, Image courtesy of Paramount Network Press

Cancel your Memorial Day weekend plans, Paramount is airing a “Yellowstone” marathon!

Paramount may not have given us a “Yellowstone” Season four trailer yet, but they’re making up for it (kind of) with a weekend-long “Yellowstone” marathon. The network will air every episode of the show starting with season one during Memorial Day weekend. “Yellowstone” announced the marathon via Twitter with a video. The video features clips from the show as a narrator hypes the marathon.

The narrator says, “This Memorial Day weekend, kick off the summer like a Dutton. Relive every episode from the beginning. The ‘Yellowstone’ Every Episode Summer Bash – all weekend starting Saturday at 12 on Paramount Network.”

Along with the video, “Yellowstone” wrote, “Need plans for Memorial Day weekend? We’ve got you covered with the #YellowstoneTV Every Episode Summer Bash! Season 1 starts Saturday at 12pm ET, only on @paramountnet.”

This weekend marathon may be another hint that the newest season will premiere soon. After all, what better way to prepare fans for the upcoming fourth season than by helping them brush up on the last three?

Fans can stream the show via Paramount Plus.

Why Isn’t There a Trailer for Season Four of ‘Yellowstone’?

If you’re a “Yellowstone” fan you know that there have been crickets on the show’s end when it’s come to releasing any details about the upcoming season. Fans have theorized, based on past releases, that Season four will premiere next month.

However, “Yellowstone” hasn’t said a word about any of it! Now, we get why they may not be comfortable releasing a trailer. Doing so could immediately spoil the season three cliffhanger. Last season left us with several questions about the bomb that exploded in Beth’s office and the shooting John faced. Who survives? Who’s responsible for the attacks? Those are questions we don’t have the answers to, and we certainly wouldn’t want the answers spoiled with a season four trailer. So, we’ll accept that we may not see any clips from the new season. That said, “Yellowstone” cast, crew, writers, producers could give fans something! Anything? Unfortunately, it looks like we’re just going to have to wait until the season four premiere.

Have You Visited the Real Dutton Ranch?

If you simply cannot wait for the premiere of “Yellowstone” season four, for your Dutton fix, then start planning a trip to the real-life Dutton ranch. Yes, the ranch really does exist in real life. But it’s not called The Dutton Ranch or The Yellowstone Ranch. In real life, the ranch is called the Chief Joseph Ranch and it has existed since 1877. The ranch has gone through several names and several different owners but its wild west essence still exists today. And fans and travelers alike can actually make reservations to stay at the ranch when “Yellowstone” isn’t filming. So, it’s not too late to start planning your Memorial Day Weekend “Yellowstone” marathon at the real-life “Yellowstone” ranch!