‘Yellowstone’ TV: Brecken Merrill Is ‘Missing’ His ‘Yellowstone’ Family, Shares Behind-the-Scenes Video

by Quentin Blount

The youngest of the Yellowstone stars took to social media on Friday to tell his acting family just how much he misses being on set.

We all know actor Brecken Merrill for the role he plays on the hit Paramount Network TV show, Yellowstone. Merrill plays the defiant and curious Tate Dutton. Tate is the only son of Casey and Monica, and he is the grandson to Kevin Coster’s character in the series, John Dutton.

While we can all agree that Yellowstone is one of the best shows on television at the moment, it appears that young Brecken is already missing his acting family. The cast and crew have just finished up filming season four. We are told we can expect it sometime in June 2021 on Paramount Network.

“Missing my @yellowstone family on this #fbf with @greg_moon_mufilmartist in the makeup trailer,” Merrill captions the video.

In the adorable clip, Brecken Merrill is seen in the makeup trailer getting ready behind the scenes. It appears that the makeup artist for Yellowstone, Greg Moon, may have been giving the curious little guy a hard time.

“Can you wipe that in without screaming or crying?” Moon asks. To which the young Merrill quickly does his best high-pitched scream.

” I think dogs in the next county heard that one,” Moon jokes.

Yellowstone Star Will Turn 13 in June

While we will always know the Yellowstone youngster for his role as Tate Dutton, he continues to get older right before our very eyes. And this year he will be hitting his teenage milestone. That’s right — Brecken Merrill will be celebrating his 13th trip around the sun on June 20 this summer.

Similar to his character, the little man is not shy when it comes to posting on social media. He already has more than 21,000 followers on Instagram. He routinely posts updates of him both in character and just enjoying his everyday life.

Meanwhile, we know that Merrill’s family has a tradition of taking a photo of him in the same birthday hat every year. As a result, we are anxiously awaiting that post to drop on social media.

And although the young Yellowstone actor is missing his fellow co-stars, it won’t be long before they are all reaching out to him to offer up some birthday love.

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