‘Yellowstone’ TV: Michael Landon’s Daughter Jen Plays Hilarious Spin Instructor in ‘Unaired Show’

by Anna Dunn

Yesterday, Jennifer “Jen” Landon posted a video of herself playing a troublemaking spin instructor in an unaired tv show. Jen Landon now plays Teeter on Yellowstone.

The photo was captioned: #fbf to that time I got to play an amphetamine-snorting, Tony Robbins loving, spin instructor. May she RIP with the rest @mattmcconks hilarious script in the annals of unaired shows.

Jen Landon’s Acting Career

With unaired shows and difficult auditions, Jen Landon’s acting career hasn’t always been easy. In fact, she disliked her audition for Teeter so much that she once said she almost gave up on acting. Thankfully she didn’t because fans deeply love her role as the rough, no-nonsense Teeter on Yellowstone.

Jen Landon has also landed roles in shows such as The Young and The Restless, As the World Turns, Banshee, Days of Our Lives, and more. She also recently made a debut on the CBS show FBI: Most Wanted as a riding instructor. Her extensive acting career and current breakout role as Teeter highlight her own personal accomplishments. Her father was Michael Landon, and it’s clear that the acting talent has passed down a generation.

The Gruff and Lovable Teeter

Jen Landon was cast as Teeter for season 3. For Teeter, John Dutton bent the rules on allowing women to work as ranch hands. Jen Landon said it was her father, Michael Landon, who passed away in 1991, that inspired her to go after the role.

She told Express that she had never seen the pilot episode of Little House on The Prarie. “I had never seen the pilot of that show, and right before I started working on Yellowstone, I was like ‘I should make sure I watch all of Little House on the Prairie.’”

Teeter is gruff and difficult to understand. Landon has also expressed that Teeter is a character you “just can’t prepare for.” She told Decider that “I don’t know if I’ll ever audition for a part as cool as Teeter for the rest of my life. And I’m kind of okay with that.” And it’s true; Teeter is really cool.

While it’s unfortunate that Jen Landon’s role as a hilarious spin instructor will never see the light of day, at least fans can still enjoy her as Teeter. The difficult-to-understand and tough character will hopefully be back again for season 4, and it’s clear that Jen Landon’s time as an actress is far from over.