‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Kevin Costner Shouts Out Alex Rodriguez After Hanging Out Together at ‘Field of Dreams’ Game

by Matthew Memrick

On Monday, former baseball star Alex Rodriguez got a Twitter shoutout from “Yellowstone” actor and baseball fan Kevin Costner after hanging out at the “Field of Dreams’ game.

The 46-year-old actor reached out to the former player turned baseball commentator on Twitter just to say, “Great seeing you there, @AROD.”

Rodriguez had tweeted just after last Thursday’s Field of Dreams game in Dyersville, Iowa. In his Tweet, he listed off his favorite Costner baseball movies along with a nice selfie with the “Yellowstone” actor. Of course, Rodriguez listed “Field of Dreams” as his top movie.

The “Yellowstone” actor, 66, took part in the pre-game ceremonies, threw out the first pitch, and took part in interviews during the game. Major League Baseball announced the game averaged 5.9 million viewers. It was also the most-watched regular-season game in 16 years.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor A Baseball Movie Guy

Costner has famously played in many baseball-themed movies, including “Bull Durham,” “For The Love Of The Game,” and “Field Of Dreams.”

One of his former roles, “For The Love Of The Game,” was notable because he got to act at Yankee Stadium.

“That movie was dealing with a person at the crossroads in his life,” Costner said. “I think everyone can relate to that. It’s the story of a man who may not be able to play the game anymore, when baseball is all he knows in his life.”

As for more baseball movies, the “Yellowstone” actor told TV talk host Larry King in 2016 that he had one more film in him. Though it was unwritten, he said it possibly with the Cubs. Since then, the Cubs have won the World Series.

On Monday, streaming service Peacock announced a TV adaptation of “Field of Dreams” due to last week’s successful game. However, there’s no indication if Costner will have any part in the show yet. 

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Has Love For Baseball

Though he did not play baseball in college at Cal State Fullerton, he stayed connected with the program after graduating in 1978.

Gossipcop.com recounted the “Yellowstone” actor often going back to watch college games at his alma mater. He formed a bond with former coach Augie Garrido after taking the coach’s baseball class. In 1992, Costner even threw out the first pitch at the school’s baseball field dedication.

Costner shared a 2011 Denver Post story that he’s got a custom baseball diamond at his Aspen ranch. He said he had lots of friends from NCAA baseball teams come to the field and play.

“It’s not uncommon for us to have 40 or 50 people out on the ranch,” the “Yellowstone” actor said at the time. “We play softball when the kids are out, but when the men are out there we play hardball. I have a pitching machine that we like to hit off of.”