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‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Kevin Costner Detailed Issues with 1994 Divorce: ‘Faith Was Shaken’

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

Kevin Costner is typically quite private, but in a 2012 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he got personal about his highly publicized divorce.

In 1994, Costner and his then-wife, Cindy Silva, divorced after 16 years of marriage together. The two met while attending California State University, Fullerton. The divorce ended in a reported 80 million dollar settlement, one of the highest in Hollywood at the time.

“My faith was shaken,” he admitted, “No one wants their marriage to end, and it did. You are going to see the people you love most, your children, only half as much. That’s a huge loss.”

Kevin Costner was unfortunately one of the millions who go through the tragic and grueling process of a divorce. As it does with everyone, the divorce left an impact on Costner. But, it’s always possible to move on, and Costner did, marrying his current wife, Christine Baumgartner, in 2004.

He’s since said his marriage is still going strong. In an interview with Parade in 2012, he attributed the success of his marriage to compassion and communication. While it seems simple, those are two qualities that far too many relationships lack.

“Maybe it’s the ability to say you’re sorry,” he said. “I know that sounds so simple. If you’re willing to tell somebody that you love them, are you also willing to say you’re sorry? You need to, even when you think you’re in the right.”

Even in quarantine, Costner told People that it simply brought their partnership “into focus.” He spent a large part of 2020 spending more time with his kids, cooking breakfast for his wife, and helping to homeschool the children.

Divorce is always hard and cuts especially deep for the family-oriented. Thankfully, it appears those wounds have healed as much as they possibly can.

Kevin Costner’s Current Work

Kevin Costner landed a hit with the TV Series Yellowstone. The western series follows a family of ranchers in a world of corruption, greed, and intrigue. Yellowstone’s third season ended on a cliffhanger last summer. Filming for season 4 happened last fall, and now fans are waiting with bated breath for a Season 4 release.

On top of acting in Yellowstone, Kevin Costner is working on a series called National Parks. This time, he’s a producer and writer. The show is about a team of National Parks Service agents who solve crimes and protect the land. ABC ordered a pilot, and Costner is working in partnership with A&E studios.

While waiting for National Parks and season 4 of Yellowstone, there are plenty of other Kevin Costner works to keep you company.