‘Yellowstone TV Star Kevin Costner Played Multiple Roles Originally Meant for Harrison Ford

by Katie Maloney

Can you guess which movies Kevin Costner starred in after Harrison Ford turned them down?

There are a lot of similarities between Hollywood icons Harrison Ford and Kevin Costner. Both can be brash yet stoic. They also both exude masculine energy while still maintaining their boyish charm. And they’ve both played heroes as well as less likable characters in films. In conclusion, Harrison Ford and Kevin Costner have a lot in common. In fact, they have even more in common behind the scenes of some very famous movies than most fans might expect. There are several roles that were originally written for Harrison Ford that ultimately went to Kevin Costner and vice versa. Here are a few of the crossovers.

When Harrison Ford Turned Down The Lead For Dragonfly (2002)

The lead role was originally meant for Harrison Ford. However, he had just decided to take a year off from movies. So, Kevin Coster stepped in to play Joe Darrow. During the movie, Costner plays a doctor whose deceased wife contacts him through his patients’ near-death experiences.

Kevin Costner in Dragonfly

When Kevin Costner Accepted A Role In JFK (1991)

Harrison Ford was originally cast to play Jim Garrison in JFK. But he turned down the role. Costner wasn’t sure about the role at first. But, after meeting with the director Oliver Stone, Costner accepted the role. During the movie, Costner plays district attorney Jim Garrison who is investigating the assassination of former president John F Kennedy. After discovering evidence that hints that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, he faces government resistance and backlash.

Kevin Costner in JFK

When They Both Turned Down The Same Role

Kevin Costner and Harrison Ford both turned down the lead role, Jack Ryan, in The Hunt For Red October. Instead, Ford starred in Presumed Innocent. And Costner starred in his Oscar-winning film, Dances with Wolves.

When Costner Offered The Lead Role To Ford

Air Force One (1997) became one of the highest-grossing films of all time. And Kevin Costner originally played an important part in that movie. The President of the United States role was specifically written for Costner. In fact, he helped develop the whole film with Beacon Communications and writer Andrew W. Marlowe. But when it came time to st’art filming, Coster couldn’t do it because he was still filming The Postman. So, Costner called up his old friend, Harrison Ford, and personally offered him the once-in-a-lifetime role. Ford accepted and thanked Costner for the kind gesture during interviews for years after.

Trailer for Air Force One