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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Young John Dutton Actor Josh Lucas Said He ‘Would Love To’ Appear in the Show Again

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Actor Josh Lucas, who portrays young John Dutton, wants to return to the set of Yellowstone, and we would be just as excited to see him in another episode. Lucas has appeared on a couple of episodes of the hit drama series based in Montana.

Each time, he unveils a new part of John Dutton that we’ve never seen before. In the episode that reveals the death of his wife, we see a much rougher side of the rancher as well as the source of his heartache. Another one of Josh Lucas’ appearances showed Dutton’s more tender side when he shared an intimate moment with his wife. Although Lucas’ time on Yellowstone is relatively short, he plays a vital role in establishing Dutton’s backstory. With his flashback scenes, he gives the character more depth while also giving the audience more insight into his complex personality.

And Lucas hopes there are many more Yellowstone scenes for him in the future. In fact, he even told creator Taylor Sheridan to “please write it” in an interview with Collider.

“I would love to. I really would,” Lucas expressed. “There’s even been some talk of doing whole flashback episodes. That is my hope. I don’t know if or when that’ll happen, but I’m open to it, that’s for sure.”

The whole episode or not, we would vouch for a prequel series of John Dutton with Lucas playing the main character.

Lucas Says He ‘Stalked’ Director of ‘Yellowstone’

Besides Yellowstone, creator Taylor Sheridan is also known for his works like Hell or High Water and Wind River. A one-man show, Sheridan is also a talented actor and starred in Sons of Anarchy as Deputy Chief David Hale. Sheridan himself has made a minor cameo in the show. Think back to Season 1 and 2, when a certain horse trader appeared in the scenes. That’s right, the dashing Travis Wheatley was played by Yellowstone‘s own director and creator, Taylor Sheridan.

With all that Sheridan has accomplished, we can understand Josh Lucas’ admiration for the show’s creator.

In an exclusive interview with Paramount Network, Lucas shared that his admiration might border on the side of obsession.

“I think Taylor Sheridan is the first and only director that I actually have stalked,” Lucas half-joked. “I was obviously a fan of his writing before ‘Yellowstone.’ And then when I read the script, I was just totally blown away by it.”

Surprisingly, though, the multifaceted director didn’t initially cast Lucas for the show. However, with a little prodding from the actor, Sheridan found him a role on the show that would be perfect for his talents.

“I’m kind of amazed and grateful that it happened that way,” Lucas reflected.