’Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Quotes: Wisdom from the Beth Dutton Actress

by Katie Maloney

It takes a lot of talent to bring life to the complexities of Yellowstone‘s Beth Dutton. So, when Actress Kelly Reilly drops some wisdom, we listen.

Every Yellowstone fan has a favorite Beth Dutton quote. But actress Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth on the show, has some even wiser words to offer fans. Here are a few of our favorite Kelly Reilly quotes.

Kelly On Authentically Sharing Your Talent

“I love actresses who are brave and don’t do what’s expected of them or don’t play off how they look or take risks.”

There’s a natural sexiness and badassery that comes through Kelly’s portrayal of Beth. She doesn’t have to wear fancy clothes or super expensive makeup to exude confidence.

Beth simply knows what she wants and she knows she’s not going to stop until she gets it. Now, we see where Beth gets her tenacity. Just like her character, Kelly knows what she’s good at, and she’s not afraid to show that talent off.

Kelly On Fearlessly Following Her Instincts

“When it comes to my work, I’m fearless. I got with my gut.”

Beth and Kelly seem to have even more in common than we thought. Both women are absolutely fearless when it comes to their work. We certainly know how Beth has to trust her gut in order to remain one step ahead of her opponents at all times. Well, in a way, Kelly does the same thing.

Whether she’s auditioning for roles or choosing ways to portray a character on set, Kelly is absolutely fearless in her choices. And trusting her gut has definitely paid off. Not only has she landed a starring role on Yellowstone but she’s also starred in several films including Flight with co-star Denzel Washington.

Some of Beth Dutton’s best burns from Yellowstone.

Kelly On Realistic Depictions Of Women

“I love strong women in films that are allowed to play women and not mens fantasies.”

There are all kinds of women. And each woman has her own set of complex layers, stories, and experiences. In a world like Hollywood, where women’s roles have traditionally been pretty two dimensional, it’s refreshing to see realistic depictions of women onscreen.

Undoubtedly, Kelly has chosen characters with realistic levels of depth and complexity. One of the most intriguing qualities of Yellowstone‘s Beth Dutton is how we get to see some sides to her that are so seemingly corrupt they’re difficult to even watch while also seeing her vulnerability.

Kelly Reilly On Living Life

“I don’t know where life is going to go from one day to the next. Which is as exciting as it is tiring.”

Kelly, we hear you. And with all the twists and turns that Yellowstone has served us this season, we are both excited and simply trying to keep up. Can’t wait for season four!