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‘You Bet Your Life’ Starring Jay Leno: Everything to Know About TV Legend’s New Show

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Nigel Waldron/WireImage)

It has been seven years since the longtime host of The Tonight Show and famed comedian, Jay Leno stepped off the daily television circuit. Sure, Leno stayed on the air with his long-running CNBC series, Jay’s Garage, and other appearances; but now, he’s back making a return to daily television hosting duties! Premiering this month is Jay Leno’s new series, a revival of the legendary quiz show, You Bet Your Life.

This newest edition of the popular quiz show is a reintroduction to the classic version that aired for several years on NBC.

You Bet Your Life’s original version is so classic, in fact, that both the original radio and television versions of the popular game show were hosted by the one-and-only comedian, the late Groucho Marx.

The newest edition of the hilarious, and oftentimes very daring quiz show, officially began its syndication run today, Monday, September 13.

The new series is scheduled to air on most stations in the early evening hours between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. According to schedule information regarding the revival series, You Bet Your Life will largely be running adjacent national newscasts on the networks. This, says Leno, makes the series a much-needed “light-hearted distraction.”

Jay Leno’s Comedy Works As ‘You Bet Your Life’

The updated version of the classic quiz show is the perfect fit for Jay Leno’s style. Of course, it was the comedy stylings of the late-great Groucho Marx that made the original You Bet Your Life incredibly popular hit that it was back in the day.

However, if anyone can fill in Groucho Marx’s legendary shoes, Jay Leno is certainly a top prospect.

You Bet Your Life began as a radio program in 1947. The popular quiz show was later expanded into television format from 1950 until 1961 by NBC.

Of course, it was Marx’s notably fast wit, and his one-of-a-kind banter that made the show the hit it subsequently became.

This does, however, make this new hosting gig a perfect fit for Leno.

For over twenty-two years, the longtime comedian and Tonight Show has made a career out of his iconic comedic build-ups. These iconic build-ups were unfailingly followed by zany one-liners. This, of course, makes him ready for the new hosting spot.

More Comedy, Less Buffer

However, notes Leno, this new gig is a little different than what he’s used to. But that’s a quality he is looking forward to while hosting You Bet Your Life.

“Almost every late-night talk show is a spinoff of the original Tonight Show,” Jay Leno explained.

“They all have a desk and a stage and a band. They all kind of do that,” he continued. Leno noted that this You Bet Your Life revival will take on the style of the original series.

“This is almost exactly like the old Groucho show,” Jay Leno added. “That show was about Groucho talking to people. There wasn’t any buffer in between. And people seemed to like that.”