You Could Own One of John Wayne’s Signature Weapons

by Josh Lanier

John Wayne revolutionized the western with little more than a swagger and a six-shooter on his hip. But while no one can fully capture that iconic walk Wayne had, you can own his pistol. The firearm that he used in some of his biggest movies will go up for auction later this week.

The Rock Island Auction Company will auction off the Colt Single Action Army revolver that John Wayne used in True Grit and The Cowboys among other movies, a press release said. The firearm is part of 7,000 collectible arms, military artifacts, and antiques that people can bid on beginning on Oct. 6. The auction lasts until Oct. 8.

“John Wayne isn’t just a movie star. He’s a persona, a presence,” RIAC President Kevin Hogan said in the press release. “To so many, even today, he represents this image of America and masculinity. To have a revolver his iconic characters wielded on-screen, including during his Academy Award-winning performance in True Grit, is going to appeal to several genres of collectors as well as his fans.”

You can learn more about the auction and the items up for bid at the RIAC website.

The auction company didn’t say how much they expect the Colt revolver to sell for, it’s safe to assume it will be a lot. The Winchester 1892 saddle ring carbine he used in True Grit sold earlier this year for a whopping $88,500.

Brian Lebel, the auctioneer that sold that rifle along with dozens of other famous western movie props, said people are always excited when John Wayne memorabilia goes up for sale.

“Interest in the Hollywood cowboys is generational,” Lebel noted. “They come out of the woodwork for it, there’s a lot of people who don’t buy cowboy memorabilia but they love the Hollywood material. People who grew up going to Westerns and seeing John Wayne – he still has a great following.”

New Podcast About Life of John Wayne Hosted by His Son

If you can’t afford to buy any of The Duke’s pistols, you can still get an intimate look at his history behind the scenes and off-camera. Ethan Wayne, the movie star’s son, is hosting a podcast about his dad. Called the “John Wayne Gritcast,” the show promises to give listeners insight into the man that America idolized. New episodes drop every Thursday.

They announced the show on the estate’s Instagram.

The inaugural episode of the “Gritcast” dropped last week. It features an interview with Patrick Wayne, one of John Wayne’s oldest children.

Patrick, who starred with his dad in the western comedy McLintock!, talked about the movie’s difficult shoot, and nearly freezing while being stuck in a terrible Arizona motel.