YouTube TV Loses ESPN, All Disney Channels in Standoff

by Jonathan Howard

If you are a subscriber to YouTube TV you might have noticed that all of the Disney-owned channels have been removed from the television provider.

So much for cutting the cord, as 15 channels have been taken off of the online streaming alternative. It wasn’t long ago when folks just wanted to avoid cable and satellite options. Issues such as contract disputes are one of the main reasons why people switched. Now, those same issues are popping up on these alternatives.

Disney and YouTube TV tried to reach a deal but failed. Now, ABC, ESPN, Disney Channel, Freeform, FX networks, as well as National Geographic channels have been taken off of the Google streaming service. Disney released a statement through a spokesperson on the matter.

“We’ve been in ongoing negotiations with Google’s YouTube TV and unfortunately, they have declined to reach a fair deal with us based on market terms and conditions. As a result, their subscribers have lost access to our unrivaled portfolio of networks,” the statement said. “We stand ready to reach an equitable agreement with Google as quickly as possible in order to minimize the inconvenience to YouTube TV viewers by restoring our networks. We hope Google will join us in that effort.”

YouTube TV Releases Statement

Disney had their statement. However, YouTube TV also put out a statement. Right now, it seems both sides are blaming the other. Of course, that’s how these contract disputes usually go. So, it isn’t a surprise that Disney and Google are trying to get viewers to take a side this way or that way.

YouTube TV released its statement on Twitter. In part, it said, “Members, we worked hard to avoid this but were unable to reach a fair deal with Disney. We regret to share that as of December 17, all Disney-owned channels are unavailable on YouTube TV.” Read the rest in the tweets below.

Who knows when this will be resolved. These blackouts can go on and on. If Disney and Google don’t reach an agreement, then plans are going to be canceled. Right now, it is clear who is the most frustrated. The viewers and consumers. Streaming TV isn’t as cheap as it used to be. While they are offering a discount for users affected, it doesn’t solve much.

Consumers React to Disney, YouTube TV Dispute

A quick look on Twitter and it is clear that YouTube TV members are unhappy. The Disney company owns so much. So, there is a lot that viewers will miss out on while this continues. Scott on Twitter let his frustration be heard.

Sportswriter Trevor Lane covers the Los Angeles Lakers and he is not happy about the public nature of the dispute.

Who is going to budge first? Disney seems to have the upper hand, so it will be interesting how this plays out in the end.