Zac Brown Reveals the ‘Why’ Behind ‘The Comeback’ Album

by Samantha Whidden

With his highly anticipated album The Comeback set to hit stores on October 15th, Zac Brown is revealing more details about the meaning behind the album’s name. 

In a recent video posted on his social media accounts, Zac Brown states that he struggled hard during the 2020 pandemic. He wasn’t able to see his crew or family. So, he decided to create this album as a way to help cope with the global health crisis.

“So when we started writing The Comeback, the goal was to help people remember what it’s like when we are all together,” Zac Brown explained. “And that’s what we did. We went hard and wrote for this last year and a half. Then produced the best body of work that we’ve done so far.”

Zac Brown then revealed that The Comeback represents the whole world coming back together. “To me and what that feels like. Seeing what America really is rather than what it’s been portrayed as.” 

Zac Brown’s The Comeback features a total of 15 new tracks. Some of the included the album is Slow Burn, Out in the Middle, Wild Palomino, Us Against the World, and Same Boat. The album is available pre-order through Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, and Warner Music Store. 

Zac Brown Reveals More Details About the Upcoming Album ‘The Comeback’

In a recent press release, Zac Brown revealed that The Comeback celebrates the “collective resilience” as a community. “This music is about standing together and rediscovering our rooms and what makes us human.”

The singer and songwriter also said that he and his crew are incredibly blessed to be back out on the road. He also is grateful to be sharing new songs with their fans.

“The only good thing about getting knocked down is The Comeback when it comes back around.”

Following the announcement of The Comeback, Zac Brown notably released the group’s latest song, Slow Brown. The song was co-written by Brown, Ben Simonetti, and Ben Hayslip.

The Comeback is notably Zac Brown Band’s seventh studio album. The band kicked off their The Comeback Tour in August. But unfortunately, Brown fell ill and the tour was cut short. 

Speaking about the situation, Brown stated, “ I am deeply disappointed this has happened. As touring is our life and performing live for our fans is the best part of our job. The bottom line is that I want to take every precaution to put the health and safety of our fans and crew first.

Brown went on to add the band will resume the tour as soon as he has finished the CDC-mandated quarantine and it is safe for the band members and crew to do so.”