Zach Bryan Hits the Top of the Country Albums Chart with ‘American Heartbreak’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Samuel Elkins via Warner Records)

The internet has been buzzing about Zach Bryan for a few years now. The intensity of that buzz increased by leaps and bounds when he signed with Warner Records and announced his debut studio album, American Heartbreak. After months of waiting and hype, the album finally dropped and it was everything we could have wanted. The 34-track offering broke single-day streaming records and brought the Oklahoma native’s global streaming numbers into the billions. Now, Zach Bryan is getting his due from the Billboard charts.

Zach Bryan Hits the Billboard Charts

According to Broadway World, Zach Bryan’s American Heartbreak debuted at the top of the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart, dethroning Morgan Wallen’s Dangerous. As fans, we knew that American Heartbreak was going to be a big deal before it dropped. However, after listening to it a couple of times, it became obvious that even those with high hopes had underestimated Bryan’s chops.

Critics and fans alike have praised Zach Bryan for the 34-track album, so seeing it at the top of the country albums chart isn’t a surprise at this point. However, it seems that the album’s reach is wider than country music. This morning, Billboard revealed that American Heartbreak debuted at the number five spot on the publication’s all-genre Top 200 Albums chart.  

Because Monday was Memorial Day, the Billboard website hasn’t been updated. However, when they make the changes in the coming hours, we will see Zach Bryan’s name in some of the most coveted spots on their charts.

The Mind-Blowing Success of American Heartbreak

I don’t think anyone expected this album to flop. Zach Bryan has a way of telling stories that resonate deeply with his audience. So, we all knew that thousands of people were counting the days to American Heartbreak. I expected the record to be huge in the independent country world and grab a few ears in the mainstream. Even as a true believer, I’m a little surprised by how things are turning out.

Zach Bryan didn’t expect this either and said as much before the news of his chart positions broke. On Saturday, the Oklahoma native tweeted, “Taking a second because this has all gotten larger than expected.”

Bryan followed that up by showing gratitude to the ones that made it all possible – his fans. “Thank u all so much for listening to American Heartbreak. Thank u for resonating, thank u for caring what some kid from Okie had to say. I’ll find a way to show gratitude soon, until then, thank you so much.”

American Heartbreak, Zach Bryan’s first studio album, has been out for less than a week and is already at the top of the charts. This album and its creator have so much room to grow and I’m excited to see where the Navy veteran goes from here.