Zach Bryan Teases New Album May Be ‘Thirty Songs Long’

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Up and coming country star Zach Bryan is in the process of creating his debut album. And according to the star, this new album is sure to be full of nothing but straight bangers. We won’t hear which tracks make the final cut until Zach Bryan releases his new album on May 20th. However, the anticipation is certainly brewing. 

All You Need to Know About Zach Bryan’s New Album 

  • It’s his first full length record 
  • It’s titled “American Heartbreak,” and will be released on May 20th 
  • He recently released a single “From Austin” that will be featured on the album 
  • The Navy vet teased on twitter that the album “might be thirty songs long” 

Zach Bryan is Getting Fans Excited For His New Record 

With the “American Heartbreak” release less than three months away, it seems like writing is finished. However, here comes the hard part– choosing which songs will make the final cut. For many artists, piecing together the tracklist for their debut album is a daunting task. They’re giving the world a true, well-rounded taste of their art for the first time, and it inevitably becomes a vital part of their legacy as an artist. 

For Zach Bryan, he recently hopped on Twitter to tease that he, along with his team, were having a particularly difficult time picking which songs should be featured. “The album might be thirty songs long because none of us can choose,” he teased. He added, “I can’t wait for all of us to hear it together and grinning like assholes as a unit.”

One fan suggested Zach Bryan should do just that– keep all the songs, but release them in two parts. “Why not break it into two 15 song volumes and release them about 3 months apart? Great way to keep fans fed without overwhelming them,” the follower wrote. 

The New Album Will Feature Zach Bryan’s Latest Single, ‘From Austin’

Last Friday, Zach Bryan released “From Austin,” a track he described as “deeply personal.” It’s a track that Bryan’s die hard fans are already familiar with, as he frequently played it at shows before it was officially released. However, this time around Zach Bryan is in a real studio, lending the track a new sound that his previous releases lacked. While the singer certainly made a name for himself with his at-home recordings, it’s only uphill from here. 

The track is the first single off the debut record and the first taste of what’s in store for the rest of the album. Zach Bryan only continues to capture hearts with his edgy rasp, small-town roots and simplistic depth within his heart. No matter how many tracks are coming our way, you can be sure that Outsider will keep you updated with the latest news on Zach Bryan’s new album.