ZZ Top Bassist Dusty Hill’s Wife Speaks Out About the Loss of Her ‘Sweet’ Husband

by Clayton Edwards

Fans remember Dusty Hill as the bassist for ZZ Top. He was one of the founding members of the Texas-based three-piece band and had been with them for over fifty years. That all changed on July 28 when Hill passed away in his home in Houston, Texas.

While we all think of him as a bearded bass-slinging badass, those closest to him have very different memories. Last night, Dusty Hill’s wife Charleen penned a heartfelt post about her husband and ZZ Top shared it on their official Facebook page.

“After 19 wonderful years of marriage that ended too soon, I’ve decided to step into Dusty’s spotlight to thank all of his fans, colleagues, and friends for the overwhelming outpouring of love for The Dust,” Hill’s widow began. She went on to say that the outpouring of love makes her hopeful that people won’t forget her late husband.

Mrs. Hill then went on to talk about what Dusty was like at home. “He was the kindest, most gentle and caring man a woman could ever hope to find in a lifetime,” she wrote. Then she added that while many don’t believe in fairy tale marriages, she does. She and Dusty lived their own fairy tale. They were, she said, inseparable.

Dusty Hill’s widow added that they were as surprised by his passing as the rest of us. In fact, they had a care plan in place to fight chronic bursitis that took him off the road before his passing. “The plan was,” she explained, “for another round of physical therapy, with a different approach.” Then, he planned to be back on the road with ZZ Top by September for the second leg of their tour.

Dusty Hill’s Final Moments

The most touching and heartbreaking part of her message came when she discussed Dusty Hill’s final moments on earth. “Early Wednesday morning my world and yours would lose a great musician and I would lose my greatest love,” she began. Then, she went on to detail the moments before Hill passed away.

“He woke me up and we talked and as he was sweetly chatting with me, he suddenly stopped and he was gone in an instant.”

Many times, we hear about people passing peacefully in their sleep, surrounded by loved ones. However, Dusty Hill slipped away while doing something that any loving husband could hope to do with his final breaths. He shared a quiet moment speaking to the woman he loved. From the post, it seems that fans of ZZ Top can take solace knowing that Dusty died a happy man with the woman he loved.

They will hold Dusty Hill’s funeral today in Texas. Charleen asked that his fans cast their eyes to the heavens at noon central time to wish the late bassist Godspeed as they lay him to rest.