ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Shares New Concert Pics After Tragic Passing of Dusty Hill

by Taylor Cunningham

ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill tragically passed on July 28th of this year. And in a solemn post on Instagram today, Billy Gibbons remembered his late friend.

Gibbons simply added hashtags to the post “2021-08-19: @zztop #ZZTop#SOLDOUT @tulalipresortcasino#TulalipCasinoResort#TulalipAmphitheatre.” Alongside the simple caption is a photo of Hill soulfully playing his guitar on stage.

The legendary musician was a member of ZZ Top for 51 years. The 72-year-old passed at home after taking leave from their latest tour, and the band announced that they would only take a short break before returning to the stage. 

Billy Gibbons spoke with Variety about their decision to only cancel one concert.

Gibbons said ZZ Top took a moment to grieve Hill’s unexpected death. But Hill didn’t want the band to cancel the tour.

In his interview, Gibbons said his bandmates felt relieved after having a few days to themselves. “But at the same time, everybody was ready, standing on point,” he said. “And they said, ‘Come on. You heard Dusty’s directive as he was bowing out to go off the deck. He turned and pointed and he said, ‘Come on. The show must go on. So here we are”

As planned, ZZ Top returned a few days later and dedicated the concert to their friend and bandmate. Elwood Francis stood in for Dusty Hill. “Got a new guy up here, as you know. Dusty gave me the directive. My friend, your pal, Elwood Francis is gonna hold it down behind me,” Gibbons told the crowd.

In a statement, Gibbons remembered Hill. “We will forever be connected to that ‘Blues Shuffle in C. You will be missed greatly, amigo.”

Widow Of ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill Mourns Her Late Husband

After Dusty Hill’s unexpected passing, friends and family members expressed their grief over losing the Iconic musician. And one of the most poignant tributes came from his widow, Charleen McCroy.

Hill’s widow took to Facebook to thank fans for their condolences and to send her love to her late husband.

“After 19 wonderful years of marriage that ended too soon, I’ve decided to step into Dusty’s spotlight to thank all of his fans, colleagues, and friends for the overwhelming outpouring of love for The Dust,” she said.

 Then, Charleen wrote a letter to her husband.

“My Sweet Dusty, The single most extraordinary thing I have ever done in my life is fall in love with you. The single most extraordinary gift I have ever received in my life was for you to ask me to marry you. I have never been seen so completely, loved so passionately, and protected so fiercely,” she wrote.

” I will be with you again. Love you to infinity and back. Your wife, Chuck”